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More Tamiya FF-04 EVO

A nice picture of the FF-04 EVO on display.


More TRF419

A couple of more good photos of the TRF419 on display.

Kyosho EP Touring Car @ All Japan Hobby Show

A better quality picture of the updated Kyosho TF-6(?) touring car.

Tamiya All Japan Hobby Show FF-04 EVO Photos

Tamiiya All Japan Hobby Show TRF419 Photos

More FF-04 EVO and TRF419

FF-04 EVO With Box

Three More TRF419 Pictures

VBC Racing Wildfire D07 Prototype

Some bad quality pictures of a VBC Racing Wildfire D07 (?) Prototype.

Source: HK RC Magazine on Facebook

Futaba News @ All Japan Hobby Show