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FF-04 EVO Prototype in RC World / RC Magazine

Scans from RC Magazine and RC World issues 11/2014.


TRF419 in RC Magazine

Scan from RC Magazine 11/2014.

Yokomo BD7 2015 – RC World / RC Magazine

Scans from RC Magazine and RC World, issues 11/2014.

RC Magazine 11/2014 – JMRCA TC Championship

Scans from RC Magazine issue 11/2014.

Tamiya December 2014 Releases – TRF419 Parts

Some new, mostly TRF419, items that will be displayed at the Tamiya Fair in two weeks time and released in December.

The Rigid Separate Suspension Mount part numbers I already mentioned in a previous post but the rest is new.

The Japan release date for these parts is December 20.

51564 TRF419 Front Direct cup (2)
51565 TRF419 Aluminum Diff Joint (2)
51566 TRF419 Gear Differential Pulley Case (37T)
51567 TRF419 Bevel Gear Set
51568 TRF419 Gear Differential Set
51569 TRF419 Front Belt (171T)
51570 TRF419 Rear Belt (61T)
51571 TRF419 Front Damper Stay
51572 TRF419 Rear Damper Stay
51573 TRF419 Upper Deck
51574 TRF419 Lower Deck

56417 Rigid Separate Suspension Mount Spacer (0.5mm x 4)
54618 Rigid Separate Suspension Mounts (1XB )
54619 Rigid Separate Suspension Mounts (1XA)
54620 Rigid Separate Suspension Mounts (1X)
54621 Rigid Separate Suspension Mounts (1B )
54622 Rigid Separate Suspension Mounts (1C)

84404 TRF419 Titanium Screw Set

Some translated info on the Rigid Separate Suspension Mounts:

○ TRF419 is a new type of separate type of suspension mounts to be adopted in the chassis.
○ L-type shape, can be more reflecting the twisting effect of the chassis driving performance.
○ reliably fold to the chassis with the projection of the bottom. I will prevent positional deviation due to the impact of the time of the crash.
○ 1XB, 1XA, 1X is mainly in rear front. 1B, 1C is primarily used to front the rear.
○ standard in 1X and 1C will be included with the TRF419.
○ It becomes blue anodized specification.

Applicable Products: Rigid separate suspension mounts equipped car (currently corresponding car: TRF419 only)

Translated info on the Rigid Separate Suspension Mount Spacers:

○ TRF419 is the setting for the spacer that corresponds to the new type of suspension mounts to be adopted in.
The adjustment of the suspension mount height (roll center) in the spacer to meet ○ to various driving conditions.
○ desorption will have to improve the workability is easily possible as to the Tsumameru shape.
○ It becomes blue anodized specification.

Applicable Products: rigid separate suspension mounts equipped car (currently corresponding car: TRF419 only)

Tamiya TRF419 Presentation Photo

As you can see, the 419 now has a black front pulley to to match the new gear diff.

My RC Car History Listed

Alright, all RC cars I have personally owned, according to what I can still remember… :-/
The order might not be 100% correct either.

1. Kyosho Lazer ZX
2. Trinity Revolver 12
3. Schumacher Cat 2000
4. Corally SP12G2+
5. Kyosho Alfa 155 GP (Superten?..don’t remember)
6. Losi Street Weapon
7. Losi Street Weapon ITC
8. Yokomo MR-4TC Pro
9. Yokomo MR-4TC Special
10. Yokomo MR-4TC Special (#2)
11. HPI Pro 3
12. Yokomo MR-4TC SD
13. Tamiya TRF415MS
14. Tamiya TRF415MSX
15. Tamiya TRF415MSX MR Edition
16. Tamiya TRF501X
17. Tamiya TRF416
18. Tamiya M03
19. Tamiya TRF416WE
20. Tamiya TRF416X
21. Tamiya TRF416X (#2)
22. Tamiya FF-03 Pro
23. Tamiya TRF417
24. Tamiya TRF417X
25. Tamiya TRF417V5
26. Tamiya TRF418
27. Tamiya TB Evo 6

Sure to have forgot some car…

Along the way there have of course been other various conversion kits, gifts, special prototypes etc. like the Huge FF11, the TRF417FF project car and more.

Atsushi Hara No Longer Running Yokomo

The agreement between Yokomo and Atsushi Hara, to run their TC, was according to what was published at the time up until the Worlds. With the Worlds now over Atsushi was already running another car the past weekend at a Ride Cup event in Thailand. As you can see in the pictures it appears an ARC chassis was chosen for this race.

Source: RC Ride on Facebook

Still More FF-04 EVO Pictures

A couple of more pictures of the FF-04 EVO while we wait for the chassis to show up.

New Separate Suspension Mounts

Part numbers for the TRF419 related new style suspension mounts coming soon.

54617 RC Rigid Sus Mount Spacer – 0.5mm / 4pcs
54618 RC Rigid Separate Sus Mount – 1XB
54619 RC Rigid Separate Sus Mount – 1XA
54620 RC Rigid Separate Sus Mount – 1X
54621 RC Rigid Separate Sus Mount – 1B
54622 Rigid Sus Mount – 1C