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Production Meets Prototype

Finally, the production car is here. But the prototype is keeping a close eye on the newcomer…

A closer look will follow, but let’s leave that for next year.

Happy New Year all and thanks for keeping reading and keeping me motivated to continue.


The Future of TC Racing

Welcome to what the future of electric TC should look like 😉

Tamiya style realistic (GT?) bodies and no more stupid dish wheels. All control tyres should be supplied with realistic spoke wheels. And while we’re changing we need to introduce power limits in mod TC. After this and some other much needed changes you will see fantastic close racing with fantastic looking cars.

OK, after that prophetic and provocative statement, let’s come back down to earth…

This is the newly released Tamiya NSX Concept GT body set (#51563). Looks pretty good, huh?

TRF419 Ready To Run

Some numbers:

Weight now: 1355g
Extra weight (ballast): 75g
L/R balance: 50/50%
F/R balance: 49/51%

Checked on SkyRC corner weight system. The good thing is that both front and rear corner weight where within 1g the first time I put it on the system after just building the chassis and installing the electronics!

The weight mentioned is with Volante V3 28R pre-glued tyres with indoor super light weight inserts. With outdoor inserts it will be 20-25g heavier.


– Muchmore FD2 6000 lipo (285g)
– Muchmore Fleta ZX motor
– Muchmore Fleta Pro ESC
– Futaba BLS551 servo
– Futaba R614FF-E receiver
– PF Mazdaspeed 6 LW body (95g with thick wing and alu wingmounts)

Alonso Tribute Paint

Just a quick spray can paintjob for the 419… 😉

Remember to check the brilliant 2-part documentary on the greatest F1 driver of our generation while you enjoy some time off during christmas.

Part 1:

Part 2:

TRF419 In RC World

TRF419 presentation scanned from RC World 1/2015.

RC World – Gear Diff Build

Some good tips on gear diff assembly. Yes, it’s Japanese but the pictures tell you what to do 😉

Scanned from RC World 1/2015.

TRF419 Presentation RC Magazine

Scanned from RC Magazine 1/2015.

HB Pro 5 Presentation RC Magazine

Scanned from RC Magazine 1/2015.

Naoto Matsukura Worlds Winning BD7

Article on Naoto Matsukura’s Yokomo BD7 from the IFMAR ISTC Worlds 2014.

Scanned from RC Magazine 1/2015.

Tamiya Japan TRF419 Ad

Scanned from RC Magazine 1/2015.