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TRF419 Carpet Test – Samix Alu Chassis

Miracles do happen – I actually went testing on carpet last weekend!

Let me explain that a bit… I have a well documented preference for asphalt racing. Now, living up in Finland that means May-September, so for the rest of the year indoor carpet is the only choice until I win the lottery and build an indoor asphalt track 😉 The next problem is that there is no proper indoor carpet track available within a reasonable distance. Result: very little testing or racing during the winter months.

Anyway, last weekend I did the 400+ km drive to get to a proper carpet track, actually the same one – still with the same layout, that I raced on at the end of November 2014. This would be my first test with the 419 as well after the shakedown run of it in December ended with a broken c-hub and servo after the first run.

So basically what you see below in the pictures, is what the car looked like at the end of the test. Please excuse the extra long, non-black servo wire 🙂 Due to the shakedown servo failure I mentioned I had to change it and have not bothered sorting it yet.

I will not publish the set-up. You will find setups of drivers who have tested much more. The car worked really well in the end, but I would need much more testing and double-checking than what I could fit into this test to feel confident to say it’s a good setup.

As you can see in the pictures I have the Samix alu TRF419 chassis on the car. I fitted this halfway through the test. No problems or isuues, perfect fit and finish and the car became more consistent with it compared to the carbon chassis. Less mistakes and a better 5 min result is what it gave me so it stayed on the car.

In addition you will see the very good looking Muchmore 3D Cooling Fan Guard for the Fleta Pro ESC. Just for good looks!

For the last run I removed some upper deck screws, so that’s the reason for that. A bit more flex, a bit more grip, but if it’s better or not I can’t say.

Overall I was very happy with the TRF419. Definitely an improvedment on the 418, and on track everything felt about right, just like it felt when buiding it. A good thing I noticed is that the car is very responsive to change, as well as consistent. Could have stayed for a couple of more days testing actually…


TITC 2015 – 1

You’ll find some early TITC 2015 coverage here:

Revisiting an Old Friend

Spent a bit of time with the 419. Maybe need to take her to a track soon…? 🙂

ETS Mülheim-Kärlich 2015

Finally a carpet win for Tamiya in the ETS!

Good to see progress being made and and the cars performing well. Although perhaps part of it could be that the new ‘ETS’ carpet, which has transformed carpet racing into something which looks like something even myself might enjoy 🙂 , reminds more of high-grip asphalt racing than the traditional carpet racing of the past.

That’s not to take anything away from the achievements though, as the ‘ETS’ carpet really has moved carpet racing in the right direction, finally! Of course, I should not say much as I have yet to race on the surface, so I can only go by what I see in videos plus what I have heard from all of those who has been racing on the surface during the last year.

All I can say is that it looks so much more enjoyable, the racing is better and the tracks themselves look much better.

RedRC has a good feature on Marc’s TRF419.

Many small details that can be noted on the winning chassis, here are a few:

– obviously the main part is the proto TRF alu lower deck
– old style rear roll-bar (TRF417/TRF416), mounted further out on arm and with traditional mounting parts
– damper stays mounted with only two screws (+ 2 grub screws as location pins)
– dampers fastened with camber link type ball connectors and alu M3 nuts
– only two screws for mounting motor mount to lower deck
– PF LTC-R body (again more towards asphalt setup)

Further info and picture from Muchmore.

Marc Rheinard Tamiya 419:

– Muchmore Racing New Impact FD2 6000 Lipo
– Muchmore Fleta Pro ESC
– Muchmore Fleta ZX Motor 5.0T with 12.2mm Silver Ring Rotor
– Muchmore Cyclone 40mm Motor Cooling Fan
– Muchmore 3D Cooling Fan Guard
– Muchmore Flex O Ring 40deg.

It’s good to see more pictures and reports emerging from the ETS races now, since RedRC’s coverage is still very thin on chassis pictures and further info than the racing itself.

An example is

Links to coverage from each day:

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

The following two chassis pictures (finally some of them!) comes from the coverage.

Christopher Krapp’s Kyosho TF-7(?).

Freddy Südhoff’s HB Pro 5.

Finally, more track and pits pictures:

Tamiya March RC Releases

 84409  1/10 R/C TT-02R Chassis Kit
 84400  1/10 R/C Dark Impact White Version (DF-03)
 84401  1/10 R/C Toyota FJ Cruiser (Orange Painted Body) (CC-01)
 84408  1/10 R/C TB EVO. 6 Chassis Kit (Black Version)
 58606  1/10 R/C Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI Martini (TT-02)
 58607  1/10 R/C Subaru BRZ R&D Sport 2014 Rd.2 Fuji (TT-02)
 58610  1/10 R/C Aqroshot (DT-03T)
 58611  1/10 R/C Honda City Turbo (WR-02C)
 42287  TRF Big Bore Damper (4pcs.)
 42291  M-Chassis Aluminum Big Bore Damper (4pcs.)
 54626  Buggy Driver Figure Set
 54628  08 Module Steel Pinion Gear (17T)
 54629  08 Module Steel Pinion Gear (19T)
 54630  Sponsor Sticker Set (for Off-Road Car)
 54639  TT-02 Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
 54640  TT-02 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)

A bit further info on some of them:

42287  TRF Big Bore Damper (4pcs.)

These big-bore dampers are now available for purchase as a set – they were originally included as a part of the high-end TRF419 chassis kit. Big bore dampers have an increased cylinder volume, allowing more oil to be inserted and endowing your chassis with improved grip.

– Contains parts for 4 dampers.
– Damper cylinder diameter is 0.5mm wider than standard dampers, allowing 10% more oil.
– Aluminum parts are blue anodized.
– Compatible with all Tamiya touring car chassis platforms.

Japan release date March 25.

42291  M-Chassis Aluminum Big Bore Damper (4pcs.)

– Aluminum parts are black anodized instead of blue. Normal length for the cylinder
– 2mm shorter cylinder, 2mm shorter shaft, total 4mm shorter, making it ideal for M chassis.
– otherwise same spec as 42287 TRF big bore dampers

Japan release date March 25.

84408  1/10 R/C TB EVO. 6 Chassis Kit (Black Version)

Japan release date March 28.

Tamiya, Kyosho, Yokomo – 2014 Financial Numbers

A while ago I found an interesting post on the excellent Japanese RC Monkey blog.

Thanks to help from some of my Japanese friends as well as RC Monkey in translating the numbers, I now present some interesting 2014 numbers for three of the big Japanese RC companies; Tamiya, Kyosho and Yokomo.

Please understand that these numbers were gathered by through . I take no responsibility for any mistakes presented in these numbers as I cannot read Japanese myself, neither do I understand how these things work in Japan! 🙂

What these numbers give you an idea about is the number of employees at these companies, as well as what sort of sales figures they have.

A Bit of an Update – Nuremberg Toyfair 2015

Been fairly quiet here recently.

Not much RC for my own part the last few weeks while other things have kept me busy.

Last week I went to Nürnberg for the Toyfair 2015. Just like last year only for one day, flying there in the morning, and back home late evening. The Toyfair loses a bit of it’s attraction every year, and therefore this year was the worst/least interesting yet for me.

A good measurement of this, is that I met a lot less people I know from within the industry than ever before, even though each year I learn to know more and more people obviously.

The Tamiya stand really had nothing of interest to me. A 2.0mm TRF419 lower deck, the big-bore TRF dampers released as a set and the TRF101 front suspension set, and that was about it for serious racing stuff.

I got to see the HB Pro 5 production car, which seemed good as expected, if a little boring. Maybe we’ll see a former TRF driver running this chassis soon…

Other than that I don’t know what’s worth mentioning. The Serpent 4wd buggy I like in many ways, however the drivetrain on the display model was very tight so I hope they get that right for the production model.

Almost forgot to mention the nice Polestar Volvo S60 STCC on display by Minicars, which will be produced as an RTR touring car available later this year. The body is very realistic and looks good.

The big American companies have many times shown a bad attitude at Nuremberg, so no surprise to see them again this year. However, the award for the worst attitude ever seen by me at Nuremberg was won by a significant margin by Horizon Hobby this year…