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Tamiya Releases August 2015

A few interesting releases for August.

84421  1/10 R/C DB01RRR Chassis Kit
51580  4WD Buggy Front Dish Wheels (Hex Hub)
51581  Buggy Rear Dish Wheels (Hex Hub)
84419  TRF211XM Conversion Set

84421 DB01RRR Chassis Kit

★ Say hello to this tweaked version of the high-powered DB01RR chassis!
★ The front aluminum suspension mount gives a skid angle of 12°, while its aluminum rear counterpart’s 3° toe-in is great for higher-grip surfaces.
★ An aluminum heat sink protects from dust and helps heat dissipate from the motor, while ABS resin wheels are compatible with hex-shaped hubs.
★ All aluminum parts come in a cool black.

84419 TRF211XM Conversion Set

August 19 Japan release


○ the TRF201XMW to TRF211XM is part set for conversion.
○ high strength adopts the new material Rowadekki to have excellent characteristics of high impact resistance, rigidity,
To balance the bending and stickiness at a high level, it exerts a grip on any road surface.
○ Rowadekki who finished in lightweight is, expanding the freedom of the ballast arrangement.
○ Also required straight pack battery in Tamiya GP correspondence (on low height servo)

[Product Description]
· Rowadekki × 1 · Riyasutefuna × 1 · carbon battery Steph donor × 1
· Aluminum battery stopper × 2 · wing stay × 1
※ battery plate, rear damper stay to be the one of 201XMW

Applicable Products: TRF201XMW, (use as spare parts) TRF211XM