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Looking for Work

My current situation, as it has developed throughout the last few months, is that I now have the possibility to accept some more work. And since I know this blog reaches quite a few people within this industry, I thought what better way to reach out and try to find some interesting new challenges than by posting it here.

So please get in touch if you have something where I might be able to help. I’m open to most ideas!

I hope I can say now that I have a lot of experience, with over 15 years working within the RC industry in one way or another, on many different levels and many different projects. Since I have usually not been very public with what I have done, I will make a short summary here:

Manufacturers I have worked directly with:

– HPI (on site @ HPI Europe in the UK)
– Speed Passion
– Team Magic
– Team Orion

Magazines I have written for:

– RC Car Action
– Radio Race Car International
– Allt om Hobby (Swedish)
– Pienoismalli (Finnish)

Manufacturers I have worked with on national/regional distribution (some of these should maybe be in the first category as I have worked on many products with them as well):

– Muchmore
– Volante
– Savöx
– H.A.R.M.
– RW Racing
– Speed Passion
– Xray
– Hudy
– Ultimate Racing
+ many other smaller ones

Websites I have been very much invloved with:

– (one of the best racer sites 2001-2008 where I wrote a large part of the articles)
– Blog kentech (i.e. where you are reading this, with soon 1.5 million views)
– Team Orion news service (circa 2002-2005?)
– Yokomo Finland (my first online project with some support from national distributor)

Obviously I have quite a lot of experience and knowledge, as well as interest, when it comes to Tamiya and TRF stuff as well. However, I have never actually worked directly with Tamiya and neither as a distributor. I have however worked for many years as a dealer of Tamiya products.

Throughout the years there have been so many projects and so many assignments that it is very difficult to summarize. However some of the most intersting personal projects throughout the last few years have been the different cars I have worked on. I’m especially happy with the FWD cars, with first the TRF417FF project, which later was seemingly quite closely “followed” by Tamiya themselves and released as the FF-04 EVO chassis. The next project on the FWD front was the 4-gear transmission, which as far as I’m aware is a first and which showed some very promising results on track. This work is continuing, but the story of these projects can be read by reading through the past 2 years on this blog.

With this very extensive experince I hope I can hep you with your projects. Please get in touch on –


Tamiya FF-04 EVO Black Edition

Apprears Tamiya will release a Black Edition of the FF-04 EVO soon.

84422 FF-04 EVO Chassis Kit

Would assume the only difference will be that all blue parts are black, but one would hope they rectify some of the weak points of the chassis at the same time.

It will probably look like this then…

TRF419 Lowrider

Just something to try on the 419.

FF-04 EVO G4 – The 2016 FF Test Car – Part 2

I promised to return with some pictures of the FF-04 EVO G4 as it is now.

In the pictures you can see the ugly temporary roll bar solution, stolen from the first TRF417FF version. It does what it’s supposed to, but is obviously one area that needs tidying up for next season. You’ll also notice I have changed the front arms to the old TB Evo IV arms, as they place the front axle further forwards. For the same reason I used these on the 417FF as well. Also used on the front are the newer TRF419/Evo 6 c-blocks.

Tamiya November 2015 Releases – Buggy Hex Hubs

As expected, nothing much interesting in November this year.

 58618  1/10 R/C Monster Beetle (2015)
 58624  1/10 R/C Mazda MX-5 (M-05)
 58625  1/10 R/C Motul Autech GT-R (TT-02)
 54668  4WD Buggy Aluminum Hex Hubs (Front)
 54669  Buggy Aluminum Hex Hubs (Rear)
 54670  GF-01 Aluminum Oil Damper (4pcs.)

The only “racing” releases are the Buggy Aluminum Hex Hubs.

Some more info on them:

54668  4WD Buggy Aluminum Hex Hubs (Front) – November 18 Release
54669  Buggy Aluminum Hex Hubs (Rear) – November 18 Release


– hexagonal hub shape 12mm is available, it will improve the strength of the attachment portion.
– 54669 (for the rear) is the hub and the shaft is securely fixed by a clamp-type.
– aluminum hexagonal hub will be blue anodized aluminum specification.

Applicable Products:

54668: TRF503, TRF502X, DB01, DB02
* with 51580 4WD buggy front wheel dish (in combination with hexagonal hub)

54669: TRF201, TRF211, TRF503, TRF502X, DB01, DB02
* with 51581 buggy rear wheel dish (in combination with hexagonal hub)

TRF419 Updates

I finally got round to installing the lastest TRF parts released for the TRF419 (and other cars).

42294  3x5mm Step Hollow Screw (8pcs.)
42295  TRF419 Stabilizer Stopper
54648  Fluorine Coated Stabilizer Ball Connector Set

Not much to mention on these parts. The hollow screws use a 2mm hex driver (which is nice), and will be useful here and there when you want to experiment with flex by removing the normal screws. The roll-bar stopper is certainly an improvement compared to the old simple stoppers, as are the fluorine coated ball connectors, which is not simply fluorine coated old parts but completely new parts with different front/rear lengths. So overall your roll bars will work better now, but still not as good as they should, really…

Still no sight of the 42296 TRF419 Aluminum Lower Deck, but they appear to be in stock in some places already.

(Sorry for the dirty car)