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New TRF TC Rumours

Here are some observations from Japan, following on from the post I published last week concerning a new TRF TC.

These are from the weekend just past where Akio Sobue and Naoto Matsukura finished second and third behind Ronald Völker at the AOC race @ Yatabe Arena.


– what appears to be a big bore damper of short size has been mounted for the damper.

– low center of gravity type that is tailored to the short damper for the damper stay has been installed.

– I had to use the aluminum chassis that has been black anodized for lower deck.

– at the time of the battery in advance of practice it was equipped with a short-lipoic battery.



FF-04 G4 On Video

A short video of the FF-04 G4 testing on track in September.

Check back to some posts I made in September on this test car.

Concerning a New TRF TC

While following what’s been written online, and judging by the amount of questions I have got personally, there have been a lot of people worried why there has been no new or updated Tamiya TRF-series touring car this year. I will admit I was a bit worried about the silence myself.

Ususally there has been a new TRF TC towards the end of the year, each year. When I say usually, if my memory serves me right, this has been the case since 2004 when the TRF415MS was released just after Marc Rheinard won his first ISTC Worlds title for Tamiya. There have been a few cars that have been released earlier (like the 415MSX MR Edition), but always towards the end of the year, and usually late November/December has been the release date.

Some weeks I got it confirmed that there will be no such release this year. However, according to some well placed sources, the good news is that the next TRF TC should hopefully be released early 2016. Still no further info on what the new car will be, i.e. will it be an updated TRF419 (TRF419X or similar), or will it be something completely new? Already there are reports of cars being tested in Japan with significant changes, but the future will have to show how significant those changes actually are.

One thing maybe worth considering is that the last time we had a new TRF TC released in the beginning of a year, it was the TRF415, which was a major departure from previous designs, and indeed the first TC from a major manufacturer with the basic car layout still used today. That was released early 2004, and 2004 was a Worlds year, just like 2016 will be…

At the end of the day, these hopes of a major step in TC design coming from Tamiya are probably just wishful thinking. That’s my feeling anyway, but the future will show us.

TRF Stripe Logo T-shirt

Finally some new TRF shirts available from Tamiya.

Available in white and black, see part numbers and sizes in the tables below.

Tamiya FF-04 EVO Black Edition English Info

84422 FF-04 EVO Chassis Kit Black Edition

★ The FF-04 EVO chassis black edition utilizes a smooth-driving FF setup with double-deck carbon fiber frame.
★ This kit comes with high-performance parts such as big bore dampers. Aluminum motor plate and bumper mount (the part which connects the motor stay and bumper) take the front rigidity to even greater heights!

Tamiya FF-04 EVO Black Edition Official

So official Tamiya Japan info on the FF-04 EVO Black Edition, to be released in December, and it seems thay have actually changed a few part on top of the black treatment. The translated text below mentions at least an aluminium bumper mount. I just hope that have done something about the motor position at the same time.

The Black edition also comes with the latest and greatest big-bore dampers.

84422 FF-04 EVO Chassis Kit Black Edition

Japan release date December 19.


★ By employing a carbon double deck frame, and honed nimble running of front-wheel drive unique, chassis kit enhanced the fearless black anodized aluminum parts

★ Equipped with high-performance big bore damper cylinder, motor plate and motor stay, was the rigidity of the front around also was up by aluminum bumper mount connecting the bumper

Tamiya December 2015 Releases

Again no sight of any TRF products…

Tamiya December 2015 RC Releases:

 84422  1/10 R/C FF-04 EVO Chassis Kit Black Edition
 84423  1/10 Glow-Engine R/C TG10-Mk.2FZ Racing Chassis Kit
 47307  FF-04 EVO Titanium Screw Set
 51583  1/10 Scale R/C Mazda MX-5 Body Parts Set
 54676  GF-01 White 5-Spoke Wheels
 54677  GF-01 Chrome Plated 10-Spoke Wheels
 54678  GF-01/WR-02 F Parts (Black Plated)