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TRF102 Renault R25

Still missing the rear wing, but that will have to wait for next year…

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Tamiya TB Evo 6 Ver. II

Some new Tamiya releases coming early 2016.

84427 TB EVO 6 VER II

TRF Cars @ ETS Round 1 – 2015/16

A few more pictures in higher resolution of Christopher Krapp’s TRFXXX chassis at the past weekend’s first round of the ETS series.

Compared to the pictures available so far, these better quality ones give a fairly complete view of the chassis used by the Tamiya TRF factory driver at this first ETS round.

No major surprises, but the motor mount configuration is now clearly visible. Both the lower and upper bulkheads look very much like TRF418 parts to me, while the steering arms are not 418/419 parts.

The new wide front suspension blocks can also be seen in these pictures. The dampers used now are indeed Xray dampers with some blue anodised bits, while the team wait for their own new short dampers to be completed.

It should obviously again be said that these are pictures of one particular chassis. At this stage there might well still be different versions of many parts and different versions used by different drivers. So the car released next might/will still look different from this.





Marc Rheinard TRFXXX @ ETS Rd. 1

Marc Rheinard has currently TQ’d the first round of the 2015-16 ETS series.

With the car he’s running very much still in the prototype/testing stage, there has been no real pictures showing the chassis, just as expected.

However, I stumbled over this picture, which shows a bit of it.

Although many details are not visible, you can see the short dampers (X? 🙂 ), and the new damper stays to fit these. You can also see that the upper deck is raised from the bulkheads, possibly to clear the new motor mount, which unfortunately we cannot see much of in this picture. The drivetrain, diff, and other parts appear to be TRF419 parts. Based on how the rear upper bulkhead looks, the bulkheads could possibly be from the TRF418. Even the right part of middle bulkhead / motor mount looks quite similar to the TRF418 part.

Overall though, very much in line with the details reported earlier that I wrote about in my last post about the new TRF TC chassis.


Original picture source is the excellent
Make sure you check out their (German) coverage of the ETS races as they usually post stuff not picked up by “other” media.

Latest on a New TRF TC

With more information now coming from Japan (AOC) and Europe (Charity Event, Italy), it seems that the “rumors by rcmonkey” that I posted last week are indeed quite accurate, just as expected.

First, it needs to be said that it is obvious this project still looks to be very much in the prototype stage, with multiple iterations of parts being compared and tested.

But the main points noted by observers are short, big bore dampers, with corresponding damper stays. Further to this, different lower decks, motor mounts are being tested. The drivetrain appears to so far be similar, as is the suspension appart from some new (wider?) suspension mount being tested.

Certainly Marc Rheinard seemed more competitive at the Charirty event, while the end result at the AOC was quite good. But overall it appears that the TRF team still has some work to do to be fully competitive. The coming weekends ETS opener will surely make it clearer where they stand.

Most observers’ first impressions are that what is being tested is significantly different to the current TRF419. At the same time the changes reported seem very much like just following the trend set by other manufacturers. Let’s hope there will be more to the next TRF TC (name still unknown) than that!