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RC World – Spice Yokomo BD7 FWD

Scan from issue 3/2016 of RC World magazine, showing the new FWD conversion kit by Spice, for the Yokomo BD7 2015.



RC Magazine – Spice BD7 FWD

Scan from the 3/2016 issue of RC Magazine, showing the new FWD conversion kit for the Yokomo BD7 2015, made by Japanese manufacturer Spice.


TRF @ ETS Mülheim-Kärlich

As I wrote in the last few posts, I visited the ETS race in Mülheim-Kärlich last Friday.

With a bigger presence compared to the first round, with Takayuki Kono, Akio Sobue and Naoto Matsukura joining from Japan, I was interested to see what the TRF team were racing this time.

There was nothing major to report on, but the cars I saw had a few parts I had not seen before.

Marc’s ETS round 1 winning Xray damper equipped car was still around, as most if not everyone of them tried different cars during the Friday I spent at the race. Which cars they eventually settled on I was not there to see, and with the wrong carpet issue there was not much to see of the cars on track.

They all also had the cars with some of the new parts which you may already have seen in the RedRC pictures. These included shorter TRF dampers, a new multi-piece alu+carbon servo mount and some new alu battery tape mounts. It also looked like the front and rear bulkheads were machined down where the upper deck mounts to lower it.

You can see quite a lot in the following pictures from RedRC’s race coverage.


Gizmo Racing @ ETS Mülheim-Kärlich

The highlight for me with my trip to the ETS race in Mülheim-Kärlich was that I could have a closer look at the new Gizmo Racing GZ1.

They obviously had a few cars racing at the event as well as a built display model without electrics in it so it was possible to see most of it in detail.

I have to say the car left me very impressed. Lots of nice details and totally different in concept in many ways which may not be obvious at first sight.

I hope the following pictures helps you to get a better picture of the car and its details as well.

Sorry for the varying (bad) quality. But I really wanted to post many pictures to show the details.

At the end the Gizmo Racing flyer.



ETS Round 2 – 2016 – Mülheim-Kärlich

On Friday I visited the ETS race in Mülheim-Kärlich since I had spent Thursday not that far away and my journey home was booked for Friday night.

This was actually the first ETS indoor carpet race I have ever visited, while I have raced at many ETS asphalt races. Regular readers will know I’m no carpet enthusiast!

I had actually looked forward to it quite a bit though, but was very unfortunate in that my visit came at the same time as the wrong carpet issue you will have read about if you followed the race. Hence, the action on track was not really interesting as the cars were just sliding around – at the start of the day anyway.

With the popularity of this series and especially this particular race, which is great, the race was not as enjoyable as the races I have done. Basically, imo the amount of racers had passed the number where it is already too much with quite a margin already. The pits are so crowded, days are too long and the amount of running you get begins to be restricted too much. The overall atmosphere is too hectic for a quiet guy like me.

Still, I’m happy I visited and it’s always nice to see the action for real, see the new cars and meet old friends.

I will do a few posts with impressions from the race in the coming day(s) or so.

Finally a few pictures of the venue.