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TRF419X English Product Info

1/10 TRF Series No.301

42301 TRF419X Chassis Kit

★ This is an updated version of the thoroughbred 2-belt 4WD racing chassis TRF419. Using the TRF419 double deck layout as a base, numerous components utilize new designs and/or material: carbon fiber lower (2.15mm thick) and upper (2mm thick) decks, bulkheads, motor mount and servo mount.

★ New super short big bore dampers combine with redesigned rear uprights for superior cornering stability.

※Body, motor, tires, wheels, pinion gear, R/C equipment, battery pack and charger sold separately.



TA07 PRO English Product Info

1/10 Electric R/C Car Series No.636

58636 TA07 PRO Chassis Kit

Highly efficient single belt drivetrain offers 3 motor positions, each with its own performance characteristics. Switching between them requires simple tension adjustments rather than exchanging belts.

★ This 4WD R/C touring car chassis assembly kit is endowed with a design influenced by data from the TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) team’s top level racing activities.

★ It is based around a composite structure that consists of a narrow lower deck and an upper frame, and gives optimal torsional rigidity.

★ The highly efficient single belt drivetrain offers 3 motor positions.

★ Proven TRF419 suspension, gear differential units and steering components are joined by TRF dampers and universal shafts to make this chassis a hi-spec racer!

※Body, motor, tires, R/C equipment, battery pack and charger sold separately.




TB Evo 6 MS English Product Info

Limited Edition R/C Product

84427  TB Evo. 6 MS Chassis Kit

★ This high performance shaft-driven 4WD chassis has 2mm thick aluminum lower and carbon fiber upper decks, its double-deck frame giving controlled chassis flex on high-grip surfaces such as carpet.

★ The motor has a left-side mounting point, with a newly-designed aluminum center bulkhead that ensures spur and miter gears give long-lasting, smooth rotation.

※Body, motor, tires, wheels, pinion gear, R/C equipment, battery pack and charger sold separately.



Tamiya June Releases

Official English Tamiya June new release list:

58636  1/10 R/C TA07 PRO Chassis Kit
42301  1/10 R/C TRF419X Chassis Kit
84427  1/10 R/C Chassis Kit TB Evo. 6 MS
57897  1/10 XB Plasma Edge II (TT-02B)
57898  1/10 XB Mercedes-Benz G 320 Cabrio (MF-01X)
54688  Racing Wing Set 2 (Carbon Pattern)
54689  TA07 Aluminum Ball Differential Set (37T)
54690  TA07 Front Direct Coupling Set (37T)
54691  TRF419 D Parts (Suspension Arms)
54692  TRF419 E Parts (Rear Uprights)
56540  Metal Air Horn Set for Tractor Truck
47314  Touring Car Short Spring Set (Mica Blue)
84428  TA07 PRO Titanium Screw Set
84429  CC-01 Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub

TRF419X Notes

We got to see the first official picture of the upcoming TRF419X Chassis Kit today. But what can be seen from this one picture?

– Short big bore dampers

These were mentioned in the TRF419X presentation text I published March 14th as newly designed Super Short Oil Dampers. As you can see from the picture, the top and bottom caps are black, the springs are short (20mm?) and it appears that the TRF Ball Nuts are now included (42231 Ball Nuts for TRF Dampers (4pcs.)). We’ll have to wait for more detail.

The use of some black alu parts is somewhat of a surprise, although this was also done one some previous TRF buggy kits for example. It would appear that the alu spacers used on the car are also black anodised.

– Lower damper towers

Looking very much like the damper stays on the cars used by the TRF drivers, they are mounted with 2 countersunk screws and 2 normal round head screws.

– New upper arm mounts

These are a bit of a surprise as they have not been seen, or mentioned, until now. They look to be black anodised alu parts, screwed into the bulkheads from the side, making them infinitely adjustable. Obviously this feature has been on some other recent cars, most notably the HB Pro 5.

– Roll bar mounting

It would appear this is still the same as on the TRF419, which one could say is a little bit dissappointing considering what’s on offer from other manufacturers. At least the one-piece Stabilizer Stoppers are now included. It also appears that the fluorine coated rollbar pieces are included. The rear rollbar type is still the one introduced on the 418, so on the production car they have not gone back to the older (more fiddly) way of mounting it to the arm, like the factory drivers have been running.

– Servo mount

The servo mount is now officially a multi-piece alu/carbon thing, as opposed to the one-piece alu parts employed on TRF cars so far. Better?
That’s about it for now I think. What we can comment on from this one picture released.

There are obviously some more new things already mentioned in the product information released previously, but which can not be seen in this picture.  These include:

– New suspension arms (see previous post today on new parts)
– New rear uprights (see previous post today on new parts)
– 05G front suspension mount 
– Motor mount
– Bulkheads
– Battery holders
– Front and center ballast weights 

Hopefully we get a chance to see these sooner rather then later… 😉


Tamiya TRF419X Box – Exclusive!

A bit of a kentech blog exclusive here – the recently announced TRF419X official box art presented to you already!

Also shows you that kits are already available in some warehouse somewhere in the world 😉

42301 TRF419X Chassis Kit


New TRF419(X) and TA07 Parts

Machine translated from Japanese again

47320  Aluminum plate for brush motor – June 22 release

○ TRF419X This aluminum plate for use in mounting the brush motor to the chassis.
○ color is black anodized aluminum. Tamiya GP, such as brush motor is regulation by equipment. Also in the race it will be able to participate (please check the tournament application form for available models).
Applicable Products: TRF418, TRF419, TRF419

54691 TRF419 D Parts (suspension arms) – June 22 release

○ a different suspension arms of the adopted lever ratio TRF419X will be sold as OP parts.
○ OP.1569 TRF418 D damper mounting portion is changes to the parts. The reception is inside, the rear has become outside.
○ front and more quick handling characteristics be equipped, the rear is increased sense of stability.
○ adopt a carbon fiber filled material that the grip can be secured.
Applicable Products: OP.1569 available models (TA07, TA06, TB04, TB Evo6, TA05 VerⅡ, such as TRF418, TRF419)
※ IFS can not be used for (inboard front suspension) specification car.

54692 TRF419 E Parts (rear upright) – June 22 release

○ the rear upright adopted in TRF419X will be sold as OP parts.
○ OP.1570 TRF418 fine the rear tread to be the outside of the bearing surface to 0.5mm inside compared to the E parts It can be Ku adjustment.
○ Pillow ball is broken even in sudden crash leads to strength UP in it to increase the thickness of the upper arm mounting surface It hardly broke.
○ axle position will be the feeling that sense of rigidity of the rear is raised as 0.5mm high becomes Settings.
Applicable Products: OP.928 short Ribasasu, OP.1596 TRF418 D parts available vehicles
(TA07, TA06, TB04, TB Evo6, TA05 VerⅡ, such as TRF418, TRF419)

54689 TA07 Aluminum Ball Differential Set (37T) – June 28 release

○ By using a ball differential, it increases the stability of the rear grip.
○ a 3mm ball using 12, and a high durability even for the large power motor
Demonstrate the operability.
○ def joint is hard anodized aluminum specification. Also Align doubles as lightweight and durable.
Pin protector (Y component) included.
Applicable Products: TA07 PRO Chassis Kit


54690 TA07 Front Direct Coupling Set (37T) – June 28 release

○ initial acceleration force is improved by using the front direct coupling
You. Exhibit stable braking force even at the time of sudden braking.
○ cup joint is common with TRF419. Highly durable steel that was forged in the race
The adoption. Direct housing is black anodized aluminum specification.
Applicable Products: TA07 PRO Chassis Kit54690cad

Tamiya TB EVO 6 MS Official Picture


84427 TB EVO.6 MS Chassis Kit

June 18 Release
List price 62,424 yen (base price of 57,800 yen)

★ is the latest model of the shaft 4WD appeared.  Adopted a double deck frame of aluminum 2mm thick Roy and carbon steel 2mm thick upper, corresponding to the high grip road surface such as carpet course.
★ motor is placed next to the left side, enhance the support rigidity of the spur gear and Maitagiya by aluminum center bulkhead of dedicated design, improve the reduction and durability of the shake.
※ use propoxycarbonyl: Aix-spec GT-I 2.4G (electric RC car for the set)


Tamiya TRF419X Official Picture

Official Tamiya info on the TRF419X!


42301 TRF419X Chassis Kit

Release date – June 25
List price –  78,624 yen (base price of 72,800 yen)

★ pure racer, further evolution TRF419.  Including the double deck of the carbon-made 2.15mm thickness Roy & 2.0mm upper, front and rear bulkhead, motor mount, change the materials and shapes, such as servo mount.
★ it was even more to stabilize the behavior of turning through the use of a big bore damper and new rear upright of Super Short.
※ use propoxycarbonyl: ESC with 2-channel R


Tamiya TA07 PRO Official Pictures


58636 TA07 PRO Chassis Kit

Release date – July 2
List price – 31,104 yen (base price of 28,800 yen)

Adopts a high-efficiency single-belt drive 4WD, motor mounting position of the three places can be selected.  Moreover, without the need for belt replacement at the time of change of the mounting position, OK just basically re-adjustment of the belt tension.  A wide range of settings you can enjoy.

★ “TA” series long-awaited new is the appearance.  In order to exert the optimum roll and pitch stiffness, it adopted a characteristic composite chassis that combines the upper frame to a narrow type of Lower Deck.
★ drive system is single belt 4WD.  Mounting position of the motor is three points can be selected.
★ TRF419 of foot around the front and rear Giyadefu, use the steering Ackerman.  In addition standard equipped with a high-function parts such as TRF damper and universal shaft.
※ use propoxycarbonyl: Aix-spec GT-I2.4G (set for an electric RC car)