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TRF419X Mid Summer Report

It’s been rather quiet on here during the summer, but if you’re a long-time reader you will be used to that by now 🙂

Compared to the last few years, I have at least been a bit more active on track, even though the weather has been trying its best to spoil things.

The TRF419X chassis now has a few laps behind it and therefore this update.

With some proper testing and another race behind, I now have a basic setup that works very well, and I must say I have been very happy with the car.

The race in question was the last round of the 2016 national series this past weekend (same time as the ETS final), held at a familiar small track in Laukaa. I run mod TC as there is no Pro Stock class run during the summer, due to a lack of participants. For the first time in what must be something like 15 years, I felt somewhat competitive, consistent and comfortable racing mod TC, making the race  really enjoyable. Most of this upturn in form must be attributed to the car, as it was super comfortable to drive, highlighted by the  extreme concistency (at my level 🙂 ) of my runs (see best Q run laptimes below). During the race I had a 9th, 6th, 7th, 5th in the four qualifying rounds, and a 6th, 9th and 5th in the three finals. All good for me, and considering I had to navigate through a fair bit of traffic during each Q run, the laptime concistency was really decent.

Below some pictures of my car after the race, as well as the setup I run as a result of proper testing before, and at the race. Please excuse a bit of dirt, the worn spur and pinion gears and the not super clean installation 🙂

As you can see from the setup, I finally settled on the short 419X dampers after testing different combinations of long/short dampers and springs extensively. The progressive 2.5-2.8 springs really made the car easy and comfortable to drive without sacrificing speed. I run quite a bit of droop as it again helped consistency and grip. If you wonder about the 8.5T motor – well, I don’t want to run more power than what feels comfortable and on that track that felt pretty ok for my skills 😉

Since my Muchmore Fleta Pro ESC that I normally run is  in another car at the moment,  I had to find another one, and the only mod capable ESC I had around was an old favourite, the SP GT2!

As a final thought for this time I must say that I feel the TRF419X is probably the best TRF TC Tamiya have produced during the last few years (by that I mean best as how it feels on track and compared to the competition around at that certain time).

Full results from the race can be found here:


Click on the setup for a PDF.





Tamiya August 2016 RC Releases

Not much to report on…

42300  Double Cardan Joint Shaft (M-Chassis, 2pcs.)
42304  Damper Piston Drill Bit Set
54694  Rubber Anti-Slip Sheet
54706  TA07 Aluminum Counter Pulley