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Akio Sobue & TRF No More

No big surprise considering the news coming from Tamiya lately regarding the TRF future, but confirmation today that 2015 JMRCA champion and double IFMAR ISTC Worlds A-finalist Akio Sobue’s contact has run out as of today, and his future will also be elsewhere.

I have seen some speculation that maybe Tamiya would keep some Japanese drivers, but with Akio a young driver on the up with many good results lately, and with Tamiya ending their factory team, it was always going to go like this. News on his future team will surely follow shortly.



A Message from Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF)


Finally then.

“TRF has long contributed to Tamiya’s successful R/C product designs via the valuable race data gained through its racing activities in elite races such as world championships. In 2017 TRF will look to provide Tamiya R/C fans of all abilities across the world with even more comprehensive support. We will be present at official Tamiya-sanctioned events around the globe, ready to forge a closer bond with local racers and R/C fans, our goal being to provide a truly all-encompassing experience for the hobby. We look forward to your support and participation in 2017 and beyond.”

Considering they took all this time to get this posted, one would have hoped for a more comprehensive explanation of what the TRF future will look like. Still seems they they do not understand how to communicate with their customers, even if they write about “comprehensive support” in their message. If you “look forward to our support” you need to earn that by actually really supporting us as well…that would be my message to Tamiya.

Some basic lessons in quick, clear information to your customers would be needed.

There is no mention of what we can expect in the future with regards to TRF releases. No acknowledgement to the driver who has been with them forever and won them 3 ISTC world titles. No real explanation to show they really care about their customers. The customers who will be their “factory team” from now on.

Personally I have no problem with the fact they stopped paying a proffessional race team. That is IMO a reasonable option for a company like Tamiya when you consider the cost of it all and what it gives them. So it was no big surprise for me. What I have a problem with is how this was handled with regards to information (not) coming out of Tamiya but through damaging rumours. And while they let that go on for months, when they (today) finally come out with a statement, what we get is a totally underwhelming piece.

The TRF project has had very loyal customer support from the beginning. Tamiya need to realise that and learn how to treat them well. Now more than ever.


New TRF Parts

Following my previous post, I checked Tamiya USA and found the following new upcoming parts as well:

42307 TRF419X Upper Arm Spacers – 0.5, 0.8mm
54730 TRF Damper Rod Guide – Hard/4pcs
54740 TA07 D Parts – Suspension Arms/Medium

No more info on these parts.

Tamiya Resin 5mm Suspension Balls

The January 2017 New Releases were presented by Tamiya today, but as has become the norm lately, basically there are no interesting new products for us racers.

The only release of interest is that the resin suspension balls, included with the TRF419X kit, will finally be available as a normal spare/option part.

54747 Low Friction Resin 5mm Suspension Ball (8pcs.)

○ It is a low friction resin made suspension ball adopted by TRF 419X.
○ It is recommended mainly for middle class, high end class touring car.
○ Since it has lower friction and higher flexibility than the conventional suspension balls, the movement of the suspension makes it smooth and makes a feeling of grip a high driving feeling.
○ When using, please use “42128 VG joint & cup grease” together.

Applicable products: General purpose goods

January 25th release date.


TRF & Marc Rheinard No More

So it’s finally official then…

Thank you Marc, and TRF Tamiya Racing Factory, for giving plenty of enjoyable on-track action through the years. The end of an era.

Will be interesting to see what the future holds for Tamiya, TRF, and Marc.

A bit of an hint on Tamiya’s future from Tamiya USA’s post at the bottom…





TRF419X Rebuild

It’s been a bit quiet on here again, as we went from autumn to winter.

No RC car running for me since I wrapped up outdoor testing of the FF2017, but I have been slowly rebuilding my 419X, and will soon start testing that indoors on carpet.

Besides cleaning the car and replacing worn parts, I have fitted some new stuff as well. Starting with the new Muchmore Fleta Pro V2, some new Muchmore Impact LCG batteries + a few more bits. I also took the chance to try some new Axon o-rings for the dampers, and will try their diff o-rings as well when I do the next diff rebuild.

Looking forward to trying the car on carpet now.