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TRF @ the TITC

Some positive TRF news for a change!

From February 16th – 19th the Infinity Addict Circuit in beautiful Bangkok, Thailand plays host to the Thailand International Touring Car Championship (TITC), among the largest events of its kind in Asia.

TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) team member Takayuki Kono will be in attendance, not just as a driver, but also to offer advice and answer questions from Tamiya fans and drivers. Enquiries will be happily received!



Tamiya TRF419XWS Information

Here’s the description on the TRF419XWS. According to this info, you will get a standard TRF419X kit, with an additional 2mm thickness aluminium chassis as well as a thinner 1.75mm thick carbon fibre upper deck. So a very complete package with the XWS kit. However, it has to be a slight dissapointment that there aren’t any further improvements made to the 419X. The XWS should be available around April.

42311 TRF419XWS Chassis Kit – For Carpet Surface

The TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) 419X is the pinnacle touring car race machine from Tamiya’s top tier designers. It is a vehicle that can be raced at your local track or at official Tamiya TCS races. This variant of the TRF419X (original Item: 42301) gives the hi-spec racing chassis kit a boost, with new thickness upper (carbon fiber) and lower (aluminum) deck parts included in the kit to further enhance its performance on carpet and other high-grip surfaces. The rest of the kits’ features remain the same as the regular 419X.

Key Design Features:

  • Front and rear shock towers sit lower than previous model TRF machines. This feature reduces the center of gravity and allows Tamiya fans to use Tamiya low nose sports car body sets.
  • Separate front and rear bulkheads have detachable inner camber link mounts for precise adjustment of the camber linkage length. You are no longer limited to predetermined holes from the previous mounting system.
  • Sway Bar mount are fitted with a stabilizer stopper.
  • Aluminum battery mounts are slotted to easily use strapping tape to secure the battery in place.
  • Carbon fiber shock towers are secured to the aluminum bulkhead using only two screws as opposed to four as seen in previous models. This allows for more flex of the chassis.
  • Servo mount is made of two pieces: carbon fiber and aluminum.


  • Precision 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 370mm
  • Includes both a new 2mm thickness aluminum chassis, and the original 2.15mm thickness carbon fiber lower deck, letting the driver switch according to the surface conditions they are running on.
  • Both the new 1.75mm thick carbon fiber and the original 2mm thick carbon fiber upper decks are included.
  • Super short TRF dampers are combined with TRF419X suspension arms.
  • Front and rear lower bulkhead parts have 3 attachment points, allowing alteration of chassis rigidity and flex. Bulkhead parts can be fitted with upper arm spacers for a greater range of setup options.
  • 2 types of ballast weight are included.
  • Requires: 2-Channel radio, servo, ESC, 7.4V racing battery with charger, 190mm body, wheels, and tires.