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Tamiya M-07 Concept Spare Parts

Some spare parts to be released in June for the M-07 Concept.

51595  M-07 Concept A Parts (Body Mounts)
51596  M-07 Concept B Parts (Bumpers)
51597  M-07 Concept C Parts (Uprights)
51598  M-07 Concept D Parts (Suspension Arms)
51599  M-07 Concept K Parts (Stiffeners)
51600  M-07 Concept Lower Deck
51601  M-07 Concept Spur Gear & Counter Gear


Mugen MTC1 – Another Picture

Another picture of the Mugen MTC1, thanks to Atsushi Hara 😉


Mugen MTC1 Information

Looking good so far, just as I would expect from Mugen.

The Mugen Seiki MTC1 Electric Touring Car Kit comes packed with Mugen Seiki’s high quality materials and coatings. After more than a year of development and then intensive on-track testing, the MTC1 is ready to be released soon.
 The MTC1 is the ultimate touring car for racers of all skill levels.

Features MTC1:
– Dual belt drive train.
– Aluminum diff housing with ball raced outdrive cups.
– Laser etched diff housing and shock dampers for viscosity identification.
– Intelligent caster adjustment system.
– Zero tweak flex system.
– Adjustable body positioning front to back and well as height adjustment.
– Big bore shocks.
– Front double joint drive shafts.
– Hard coated aluminum rear drive shafts.
– Low friction pulleys.
– Ball raced sway bars.
– One-piece motor mount.
– Fully adjustable narrow steering system.
– Aerodynamic front bumper.
– Fully adjustable suspension (camber, toe, caster, wheelbase, track width, roll center, diff / spool height, and steering angle).


More Tamiya M-07 Info & Parts

58647 M-07 CONCEPT CHASSIS KIT – Japan release date June 24th.


Below some drawings of some of the option parts to be released at the same time.

42312 Double Cardan Joint Shaft (33mm, 2 Pcs.)
54756 M-07 3x106mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft
54757 M-07 Stabilizer Set (F & R)
54759 M-07 Aluminum Motor Heat Sink
54760 M-07 Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount