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Mugen MTC1 Pictures, Finally

Finally some pictures of this interesting car.

14 official Mugen pictures + 2 from Atsushi Hara building a kit at the bottom.

















Short Summary Update

A month has again passed since my last update. Sorry for the quietness followers, but this is as always just a personal blog so things like my interest, focus, time etc. fluctuates with time and season.

I will attempt a short summary of the few RC related things I have thought about lately.

– Shizuoka 2017 was fairly disappointing this year, as these shows usually are nowadays.

– Tamiya @ Shizuoka very disappointing if we compare to what it usually was 5-10 years ago. M-07 is a nice M-chassis though, so + points for that.

– Marc Rheinard again showed that is far above the rest when it comes to actually racing against other cars on the track. About the best thing to watch in RC is him with a decent car at the Reedy Race.

– Mugen’s launch of the MTC1 has lost momentum. Really looking forward to seeing all of it but keeping quiet for this long after the last update is not a wise way to launch a product.

– Lots of (big) RC business still struggling big time.

– Really looking forward to some FF FWD action soon. Even with 2017 being the worst spring I can remember hasn’t managed to kill my inspiration for FWD.

– About half a year has passed since Tamiya announced that the TRF program would change, with these words:

In 2017 TRF will look to provide Tamiya R/C fans of all abilities across the world with even more comprehensive support. We will be present at official Tamiya-sanctioned events around the globe, ready to forge a closer bond with local racers and R/C fans, our goal being to provide a truly all-encompassing experience for the hobby.

Well, with 6 months gone, at how many international races has there been proper factory TRF support available? The only one officially communicated has been the TITC. So that’ s what you meant with “across the world with even more comprehensive support” Tamiya? Please answer! How about support at any ETS race where racers from Europe gather? Just as an example, as I’m struggling to see what you meant with “across the world with even more comprehensive support”…


One May 2017 highlight for me, as you can see nothing to do with RC…
STCC Gallery 1 & STCC Gallery 2