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FinTrack Round 5 – 2018

So I finally did an outdoor race again! Last time was two years ago in 2016, and I had not actually run the TRF or any ISTC car outdoors since then. This was therefore also my first run with the TRF419XR outdoors.

I only made the final decision to go a couple of days before. Luckily I made the effort to go there (Kouvola – 450km away), luckily the weather was great, and luckily I even had the chance to get a few runs on the Friday before the race on Saturday.

The first runs were awful, showing the lack of asphalt track time, but also a lot of pollen making track conditions tricky.  But it got better with each run, and on raceday the conditions were decent enough for a good race. I was plesantly surprised by how well it went after such a long break. I qualified 7th, and finished 8th, after one good and two bad finals.

Obviously I tried a few things and did some changes, but the base setup I run was very close to where I ended up with the 419X back in 2016. As it has always done, indoors and out, the 419X(R) worked really well and was easy to drive fairly consistently, despite the obvious lack of running.

Of the new bodies, I settled on the Bittydesign JP8 for the race, as I felt it was fast but also easy to drive consistently.

Now I’m really looking forward to do more testing!

Here a few pictures and my setup. Click setup for PDF.






Aerox Razor Body

A week ago, Schumacher announced the new Aerox Razor Body.

With new bodies for the ISTC class released every other week lately, and with most new bodies taking inspiration from each other, it is hard to make something that stands out. The Aerox Razor seemed to stand out though, with a different appearance and many new ideas. With my interest in bodyshell design, I wanted to take a closer look at it.

Here’s Schumacher’s product information for the Aerox Racer:

AX001 – Aerox Razor Body – 1/10 Touring – Light – 190mm

The Aerox RAZOR is a high downforce 1/10th Touring Car body designed with ultimate performance in mind.

2 Years in development with a leading F1 Aerodynamicist.

– Ultimate Aerodynamic Efficiency.

– Designed in association with a leading F1 Aerodynamicist.

– State of the art CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) analysis used to maximise down force and reduce drag.

– Maximised double front splitter that creates a pressure differential that provides front aerodynamic grip.

– Uniquely adjustable curved rear wing to adjust downforce, balance and drag (The purchase of an alternative wing is not required)

– Upturned leading edge on the wing allows airflow to remain attached, improving its efficiency. MORE downforce – LESS drag.

– The maximised length of the body improves 2 aspects;
1) More surface area for developing load i.e downforce and reducing lift.
2) Secondly drag reduction, the air passing over the body has to work less hard, deviating at a lower angle than normal, reducing drag and increasing speed.

– In short, Ultimate Aerodynamic Efficiency with the ability to tune balance all with one body and wing.

– Lightweight.

– BRCA and ROAR approved.

Supplied clear and unpainted.
Includes wing and mounting hardware.
Overspray film.
Lights and decal set.
Instruction sheet.

Some first impressions after receiving the body:

The Razor is indeed long. Around 20mm longer than e.g. a Protoform Type-S. It’s longer both front and rear. The body, painted like in the later pictures here and with the included wing and hardware, weighs around 85g. The wing is of a thicker material and fairly stiff.


The included decal sheet.


Excellent instructions included, showing the special and smart solution for the rear wing mounting.


A different ISTC body! Don’t think anyone can disagree on that.


The most standout part of the Razor is definitely the front end, with the double front splitter and very low profile. Also seen in this picture (below) is the curved windscreen, again very different to most other bodies.


As you can see, the middle of the body (between the front & rear axle, below the side windows) is much narrower compared to most other bodies.


Special wing mounts that allow wing angle adjustment.


Rear view of the angular rear end.


First modern TC body to feature pronounced side sills like on most modern full scale racing cars.


Mounted on my TRF419XR. The body is a bit narrower than most bodies, @ 190mm instead of 194-195mm. In this picture it is clear to see how low the front end is, how long the body is, and the special rear wing mounts. Here the wing is mounted in the middle position.


Certainly a very interesting product, and it will be very interesting to see what it’s like on track.

MTC1 Optional Battery Mount

Good to see this being released by Mugen for the MTC1.

A2413  Battery Mount Optional

Anti-tweak quick-release battery mount. The multi-piece battery location system is constructed from machined aluminium and carbon fibre, and it does away with the need to hold down the battery using fibre reinforced tape. As the battery can slightly “float”, the chassis can’t be tweaked as it can occur when strapping the battery using tape. Adjustable front and rear stops allow to shift the LiPo pack forth and back for a certain amount in order to fine-tune the weight distribution or to adapt the mount to different battery case sizes. The battery mount set comes including mounting hardware and a shim set to adapt the mounts for standard and low-profile batteries.





Tamiya TB-05 PRO Video

Long video presentation on the TB-05 PRO with Satoshi Maezumi.

Destiny RX-10 FF Prototype Pictures

Thanks to BC, here are a few more pictures of the Destiny RX-10 FF Prototype.

Should be available in a few months time. Finally more FF options on the market!








Destiny RX-10 FF Prototype

A further picture of the Destiny RX-10 FF Prototype, thanks to


Tamiya Shizuoka 2018 Pictures

Just a few pictures of the few interesting RC releases by Tamiya at this years Shizuoka hobby show.







Destiny FWD Teased

New project under development by Destiny.

Finally more and more FWD options on the market!


Tamiya TB-05 PRO Release Date

Japan release date for the TB-05 PRO to be June 23.

Short translated release info on the car:

★ The latest version of TB series which adopted shaft drive 4WD which excels in driving efficiency.
★ The main chassis integrally molded with the lower deck and the side frame optimizes left and right handling balance pursuing symmetrical design.
★ It is possible to select 2 types of front motor layout that emphasizes driving stability and rear motor / layout that emphasizes acceleration.

A couple of new pictures, with two showing the front vs rear motor layouts:




June 2018 Tamiya RC Releases

RC releases for June 2018 from Tamiya.

58658  1/10 R/C TB-05 PRO Chassis Kit
42318  1/10 R/C TRF103 Chassis Kit
56605  1/25 R/C German Tank Panther Ausf.A (w/Control Unit)
54796  Aluminum Front Skid Guard (GF-01, G6-01)
54797  Touring Car Short Spring Set II
54799  TT-02 Hi-Torque Servo Saver Set (w/Aluminum Horn)
54800  TB-05 Aluminum Servo Mount
54801  TB-05 Aluminum Steering Arms
54802  TB-05 Aluminum Steering Bridge
54810  M-07 Concept Reinforced C Parts (Uprights) 2pcs.
54811  M-07 Concept Carbon Reinforced D Parts (Suspension Arms) 2pcs.
54812  M-07 Concept High-Traction Lower Deck
51609  TB-05 06 Module Spur Gear (63T)
47377  TB-05 PRO Titanium Screw Set