Early 2019 Body Tests

After last weekend, with a lot of focus on new bodies at the ETS Round 2, and also personally testing bodies again on a new track layout, I thought maybe it’s finally the right time to write something down.

As often before, I planned to write something about this subject already earlier, but as always the amount of time I can spend on this blog is pretty much decided by what other things I have going on. Anyway, I’ll try to sum up a few things finally.

Just like the last few winters, I have had access to a local carpet track. This time from November to the end of February, so still a little bit of time available.  Since I have been mostly running the TRF419XR, which I know well from last winter and have well setup, I have spent a lot of my time at the track testing bodies.  Personal special interest and all that…

Last weekend I did another round of going through all the bodies I have, back and forth, as there was a new track layout fairly different to the last one.

Lots of bodies to test, but still a few important ones I missing that I did not have a chance to test.


Latest track layout. The area is around 25x14m, direction is always counter-clockwise, and the grip is usually low to medium.


Earlier track layout.


Maybe I should write down the main impressions for each body…

First it is important to say that I run indoors to ETS stock class “rules”, i.e. Muchmore V2 13.5, blinky, 5.0 gearing and 1320g.

Please also note that these tests were all done on the small carpet tracks seen above, so how the different bodies work will be different on a race size carpet track, and of course totally different outdoors on tarmac.

Protoform Mazdaspeed 6 – We all know this body. Can be pushed hard, but found it lacking compared to the new bodies on this small size track. Still not very far off though, but would need a larger track to excel.

Protoform Type-S – Very stable in high speed and when you touch kerbs, good steering of course, but still not one of my favourites in these conditions.

Protoform D9 – Lots of steering! Fastest over 1 lap always, but never over 5 minutes. Needs more rear grip.

Bittydesign JP8 – Again a surprising amount of steering. Fast laptimes but not really consistent over 5 minutes.

Bittydesign M410 – My favourite from last winter, and still one of them. Always consistent, but with good steering. Always fast over 5 minutes.

Mon-Tech Racer – Almost always works. Good balance. Not always fastest over 1 lap, but fast over 5 minutes.

ZooRacing Zoozilla – Struggle with the balance with this one. Did not manage good runs.

ZooRacing Preopard – Always keeps up momentum and gets around the track very fast, even though my lines are not always the prettiest with it. Always good over 5 minutes.

Aerox Razor – Well, that did not work.

Remember that all these are just my impressions, on my car, on these small carpet tracks. To really compare them you would need to spend weeks at the track, comparing different mounting positions and adusting the setup. Also remember that even with my simplified testing, the difference in 5 min results is mostly quite small between all bodies.


With that over, time to conclude what I have found.

On the earlier track layout I had three favourites; the M410, the Racer, and the Preopard. However, on the newer layout, the Racer dropped out, leaving the M410 and the Preopard as my overall two favourites so far. Very different in looks and how they feel on track, but both work.

With the recent success of the Preopard (and DBX), it’s funny that the first thing I said after the first run with the Preopard early this winter was “the pros will like this body”. Turned out to be right…as first impressions usually are.


Here are my two best runs last weekend, and they were indeed with these two bodies.

Session 7 is with the Bittydesign M410.
Session 8 is with the ZooRacing Preopard.

Obviously I had a couple of bad laps in the middle of the run with the M410, but not much in it…innit.


Of course there are at least two obvious bodies missing from my tests, in the Bittydesign JP8HR and the ZooRacing Dogsbollox, but I did not get my hands on those so far.


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