This is the new home of my blog, which you would previously find at kentech.blogs.se. Due to the closure of that platform I was forced to move the blog, and chose WordPress as the platform. I have moved the whole archive from the old adress to this new home, so you should be able to real all old stuff here as well. I will be working on this new blog when I have time, so expect the appearance to change. Keep following! Thank you!


  1. Very interested in your FF04 G4. Please keep posting any developments. Do you have any plans to offer the custom chassis plates for sale at all as I’m keen to try this out myself. Thanks.

  2. Have you a rss system, like your old blog? Is for follow you weekly.
    Thanks for yours technical comments.


    TRF419X Where they sell?

  4. email me on kentech (a) hotmail com if you want to buy one.

  5. Do you have e-mail?
    Because i need to ask you about gizmo gz1 2017?

  6. kentech at hotmail com

  7. Did you get my e-mail.

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