TRF419XR First CAD Picture

A first low resolution CAD of the upcoming Tamiya TRF419XR Chassis Kit.

Also a part number:

423116 TRF419XR Chassis Kit

1/10 R/C TRF419XR Chassis Kit

The thoroughbred 2 belt-driven 4WD TRF419 chassis series makes another evolutionary leap with the TRF419XR, designed for enhanced cornering speed and steering response. Refined carbon fiber lower (2.25mm thick) and upper (2mm thick) decks optimize the roll point, while a new center pitch stiffener allows adjustment of pitch rigidity. Front and rear stabilizer bars are secured with ball bearings for precise, repeatable setup changes. Comes with carbon fiber damper stays for TRF dampers and the included TRF super short big bore dampers, plus an LF battery ballast weight.



MTC1 More Detail Photos

More pictures of the details of the production Mugen MTC1, which is now available.
















TRF419X First Details


Tamiya USA have released first official information on the forthcoming TRF419XR that will be available as a full kit for the Japanese market and as a conversion kit for all other countries. The XR variant features a number of refined parts designs and a new pitch stiffener, to boost cornering speed and steering response, as well as giving pinpoint control over its flex characteristics via various setup options. Key updates to the TRF419X is a new, symmetrical 2.25mm carbon fibre lower and 2.0mm upper deck, a centre pitch stiffener, a redesigned aluminium motor mount, new front and rear lower bulkheads as well as an updated servo mount and new front and rear stabilisers.

Key updates:
– New front and rear stabilisers are secured with ball bearings for precise, repeatable setup changes
– Super short big bore dampers and damper stays are included. Also in the box are dedicated damper stays for separately sold TRF dampers
– A new centre pitch stiffener allows adjustment of pitch rigidity. A choice of carbon fibre part or turnbuckle is contained
– The 45g LF battery ballast weight doubles as a battery holder
– More motor mount attachment points allow you to tweak lower deck rigidity to match the surface
– Centre shaft diameter has been changed from 4mm to 5mm, for easier assembly
As for the conversion kit, the set will fit both the TRF419X and TRF419X WS and it will bring both to full XR specification.

Included parts:
– 1/10 scale R/C chassis conversion kit. It contains all parts from the TRF419XR chassis kit which are needed to upgrade the TRF419X
– The new 2.25mm thick carbon fibre upper deck has a symmetrical design, and together with the 2mm upper deck has been designed to optimise the chassis roll point
– New front and rear stabilisers are secured with ball bearings
– Centre pitch stiffeners adjusts pitch rigidity. A choice of a carbon fibre part or turnbuckle is included
– 45g LF battery ballast weight doubles as a battery holder
– Motor mount features more attachment points to allow tweaking of lower deck rigidity
– New 5mm centre shaft for easier assembly
– Compatible with TRF419X (Item 42301) and TRF419X WS (Item 42311) chassis cars

Mugen MTC1 Boxed

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Tamiya TRF419XR

Just announced; TRF419XR Chassis Kit

To be displayed at the 57th All Japan Model & Hobby Show to be held on September 30 & October 1, 2017.

Also at the show:

– 1/16 R/C U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Full-Option Kit
– 1/10 R/C TB Evo.7 Chassis Kit
– 1/10 R/C TRF419XR Chassis Kit
– 1/10 R/C Volkswagen Beetle Rally (MF-01X)
– 1/10 R/C LandFreeder Matte Black Special (Painted Body) (CC-01)
– 1/10 R/C TT-02 Chassis Kit White Special
– R/C Trike (Tentative)

JMRCA TB Evo.7 Display

From Andouga on Facebook






Atsushi Hara Mugen MTC1

Just a picture of Hara’s production Mugen MTC1.


TB Evo 7 Motor Positions



Tamiya USA TB Evo.7 Details + Release

42315 TB EVO. 7 Chassis Kit
Release Date: October 20

This is the 7th generation TB EVO chassis. The new look TB EVO. 7 takes this chassis series, which is the pinnacle of Tamiya shaft-driven 4WD, in a brand-new direction: multiple selectable motor positions, the removal of an upper top deck with a stiffener used on the chassis deck in its place.


•1/10 scale shaft-driven 4WD chassis assembly kit.
•The chassis is based around a 2mm thick aluminum lower deck and 6mm thick center stiffener, which give a blend of rigid pitch damping and flexible roll. The number of screws used to attach the stiffener can be changed to alter chassis rigidity.
•The lack of an upper deck lowers the chassis’ center of gravity.
•A largely overhauled layout includes updated motor positions and bulkhead design.
•The motor is longitudinally mounted. Users can choose from 3 layouts (front; mid; rear) to adjust performance depending upon track conditions and driving style.
•Equipped with TRF super short big bore dampers.
•Motor clearance can be adjusted simply from above, for quick in-pit tweaks.
•Steering linkage components are installed directly onto the bulkhead as opposed to being attached to the chassis. This removes any effect upon chassis roll.
•Highly-efficient shaft-driven 4WD is achieved with a front direct coupling and WO universal shafts, plus a rear gear (oil-filled) differential unit and aluminum drive shafts.
•Equipped with TRF418 suspension arms and TRF419 rear uprights.

Length: 371mm
Width: 185mm
Wheelbase: 258mm

TB Evo 7 Details