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Teemu to Trinity – Negative

Seems the rumor about Teemu joining Trinity was just a rumor.

Need to get a definite answer regarding his plans for 2007 but all info that I have gathered myself so far indicates that he will stay at Orion.

Another rumor doing the rounds today is about Associated factory drivers running other cars (namely Xray T2..) in testing preparing for the first big international TC race of 2007. Great proffessional attitude to their racing by Associated, ain’t it? 😉

Apparently there are still not enough prototypes available even for their top drivers! Everything is as we have come to expect of the American manufacturers in other words.

The difference, when comparing Losi and Associated’s development work on their new cars, to the competition from Japan and Europe is enormous. So don’t be surprised if these cars are already old tech when they’re finally released (in August ’07 ? 🙂 )…


TCS – Thermal Cooling System

Introduced with lots of bold statements as ususal when Richard Weatherley (yes, same man that is behind Tenth Technology) is involved, it now seems that the production version of the TCS is available.

First released is the brushed version, soon to be followed by the brushless version. And soon a nitro version?

Here’s a quote from Richard Weatherley yesterday:

The patented TCS Nitro Sytem is coming.

The nitro version is in the final stages of development and is showing stunning performance.

Engine temperature is lower and more consistent, leading to accurate mixture settings right through a race, and practically eliminates engine cutting. Hotter plugs and leaner settings can be used for great fuel ecconomy and high performance that doesn’t fade as your mixture and charge density changes due to temperature.

There is also a very noticable handling advantage due to the much lower centre of gravity achieved in the car when the TCS is fitted. The new slimline TCS head is much lower and lighter than an air cooled heatsink head.

The new patented head has been one of the most difficult parts in the TCS Nitro development because it has to be very very efficient.

We did test a marine style head, but it just cannot do the job. It operates OK in a boat because there is a limitless supply of cold water to draw upon. In a car it must operate within a sealed system and this changes everything. The new head had to become one of the major parts of our TCS Nitro Patent.

I am really delighted with the TCS Nitro system and I look forward to making more information available closer to launch

Best regards
Richard Weatherley

I found pictures of the production unit here:

Silly Season Latest Rumors

The latest RUMOR I heard tonight is that Teemu Leino will switch over from Orion to Trinity for 2007. This is just a rumor though, if it’s true or not I don’t know.

These are whispers coming from what should be a reliable source but again I would say it’s nothing more than just a rumor right now. Hopefully I can get a definite answer very soon. 😉

Another big name move for 2007 is Mike Blackstock from Xray to Corally, confirmed today by Corally USA.

Regarding the uncertainty about some drivers and their motor and battery sponsors for 2007 I can confirm these:

Joel Myrberg will indeed run Reedy/LRP (another move from Orion) as suspected since joining Associated. Viktor Wilck will continue with Orion motors and SMC batteries it would seem. Joel’s brother Andreas who works at LRP since earlier this year will obviously run LRP power but continue running Xray cars.

Last move is Ralph Burch that seems to have moved to Team Brood motors.

That’s it for today… 🙂

TRF415MSXX – Release Day

The MSXX will be released in Japan on February 17th.

List price for the MSXX is 73290 yen while the MR Edition was 83790 yen.

The MR edition is not available anymore from Tamiya as far as I know.



Team Orion Mass Exodus?

A bit of news as 2006 is getting close to being history…

After the recent news about Marc Rheinard following Atsushi Hara from Orion to Checkpoint we can add yet another name to that list.

Long time Team Orion driver and Worlds A-finalist from Austria, HB factory driver Thomas Pumpler is also leaving – once again to Team Checkpoint.

Who’s next then? Take your guess!

With Jilles, Atsushi, Marc and Toni, Pumpler, Hudy’s, J Myrberg(?) all leaving Orion/Peak during the last year and with David not racing internationally anymore there’s not that many names left. Teemu, Andy and Hupo are some of the top names still at Orion but will all of them stay for 2007? 😉

A few top drivers situations with regards to power for 2007 are still not clear…

Maybe I can write something more about the reasons for this mass exodus here in the future…’cause there are reasons.

On another topic…

The DHI Cup is getting closer and I heard the Tamiya TRF European team will practice for 4-5 days next week in Austria at Hupo’s track.

Will it be enough to win the race again this year?

Wish I was going again…

TRF501X Build – Part 11

Last part of the TRF501X build then.

Since the 501 I built will be a display model for I decided to paint it like the one in Tamiya’s promotion pictures.

That is the car of Tamiya – TRF Japan driver Satoshi Maezumi. His bodies are painted by Takashima Design, one of – if not THE- best RC body painter in the world.

I can paint nowhere as good so my version had to be a bit more simple. I’m pretty happy with the end result this time though. It’s ok.

The wing included looks very high downforce/drag. It can be cut to any size you want obviously, and has marked trim lines for various heights.

As you can see I left it very high and cut off very little.

The included underbody together with the body itself seal the chassis very well against dirt. The included welcro-straps means that basically the only places dirt and dust can enter is at front through the openings for the steering links and through the cooling airflow openings.

To finish off with a few photos of the buggy with the painted body mounted.

Mi3 – Better Pics

Today I received these better pictures that apparently were also posted on RC Tech but withdrawn.

The new Mi3 looks very impressive I must say.



PC Crash

Seems like my old PC finally gave up and crahed…

Hope it’s not the harddrive, but it looks like that. 😥

So no updates for at least a couple of days now.

Have to wait with posting pics of the painted TRF501X body.

Schumacher Mi3 (?) Revealed

Over the last few weeks there have been increasing talk about Schumacher’s soon to be released new TC that they have been testing both in the UK and US.

Already a few months ago there were reports from England about early prototypes spotted at various tracks around England. During the last few weeks more and more people have seen the car that now appears to be closer to production spec. Some says that the car is likely to be released in 1-3 months.

Reports have suggested a very low design with a super short upper deck and other than that a bit HB Cyclone like.

With it being so openly tested at racetracks and races it was only a matter of time until pictures cam through.

Some (smart 😉 ) guy called Nathan Parker from the UK posted some pictures on the Schumacher Corner @ RC Tech. Apparently there were also other pictures posted but they were withdrawn.

Schumacher USA’s response and also that of many posters there I really don’t agree at all with.

Usually I think the Schumacher USA guys (Adrian Martinez & Paul Wynn) are some of the smarter company representatives that post on rctech and they have opinions that I often agree with.

In this case I definitely do not agree and I cannot understand the many private drivers that seem to agree.

Here’s some of what have been said on the thread regarding the pics:

Would you guys mind taking the pics down until Monday? I would like to talk with Robin to make sure its ok to have them out. There is a lot of stuff on the car we would rather not have copied before we get a change to release it.

Nathan…I guess you feel important now
Skiddins….Thank you for the understanding.
I would just like to thank all the racers in Florida that showed Schumacher a lot of respect regarding this matter

Damn pics posted!!!!!!!! I talked to PW about the car for awhile and never mentioned. Some just never learn to be patient and keep what they know to themselves. I guess you know who you can talk to and who you can.

You should have shown some respect to Schumacher like I did on the UK Racing thread. I hope this does not effect Adam’s relationship at Northampton.

Now someone tell me why we should respect the manufacturers and not post pics of new cars that they test in public? If you manage to get a pic of something new of course you post it! We are paying customers, we don’t need to respect them with not posting spy pics!

It’s exactly the same as if a person get a spy pic of the new Renault F1 car or new VW Golf Mk8. In these cases he can get money by selling that pic to magazines for example. There’s no “respect the manufacturers” there and there should be none here!

Especially Paul Wynn’s response on this matter is just ridiculous.

Nathan…I guess you feel important now

Where’s the RESPECT in that???

>:-[ >:-[ >:-[

Finally here are the pics posted by Nathan Parker on RC Tech!