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TRF Interview

Recorded coverage of the Tamiya Fair and Tamiya World Championships 2010 now availabe.

Interview with Marc, Viktor & Kiyo @ 2:12


Kiyo Suzuki FF-03 & 417

417 & 502X Again

Marc Rheinard signs with Tamiya for 2011-2012

Marc Rheinard just renewed his contract with Tamiya to cover the 2011-2012 seasons! 🙂

TRF502X Released

Translated text from Tamiya Japan

TRF Series No.183

Shaft – New for the next generation shaft drive 4WD buggy performance features of high acceleration and 4WD low rolling resistance characteristics than enough advantage, TRF has incorporated finished Pyuareshingubagi expertise in a race TRF502X. 2.5mm thick lower deck and the before and after the split of the upper deck comprises Kabondaburudekkifuremu thick, supple characteristics are achieved for off-road chassis, placing the aluminum parts and plastic parts in a balanced manner. Kishi Furontomido vertical motor, designed as allocating the rear and heavy battery. TRF511 suspension has proven almost took over, before and after Ball was associated with large capacity large enough to brushless power. High potential from the moment you can feel the hand, is aiming for the top Pyuareshingubagi.

Bulkhead and the center is made of machined aluminum and high rigidity. The motor can be removable without removing the screw.

Both front and rear damper is made of 3.5mm thick carbon. Has the strength to withstand landing big jumps.

Using a 12 Defuyunitto Inchisaizuboru is designed to keep long-term Defugurisu realizes stable operation.

Shashireiauto optimized weight balance, assuming a square shape with Battery. The battery mounting position, an adjustable back and forth.

TRF511 suspension geometry takes over, you can also use optional parts, such as stabilizers.

The shape of the bottom rear bumper step mode. Reduce the interference of the road after a jump landing, creating a smooth acceleration.

TRF Gear Diff (Spec-R)

Official Tamiya picture of the TRF series (Spec-R) diff.

TRF502X + TRF417

STCC Team Biogas Scirocco

Tamiya FF-03 Pro chassis with STCC Team Biogas Scirocco body

TRF417 Parts & Japanese Release

TRF417 to be released in Japan on December 18th with many other new products from Tamiya. Hopefully it will arrive in Europe well before that.

Some of the new parts for the TRF417 have also been announced. Good to see they are releasing them at the same time as the car and as spare parts with 5 digit SP numbers which means they will be easier to get.

51439 TRF417 Low Fric Drive Belt Front
51440 TRF417 Spur Gear (111T)
51441 TRF417 Spur Gear (113T)
51442 TRF417 Ball Diff Plate
51443 TRF417 Front Direct Cup
51444 TRF417 Cross Joint

84179 TRF417 Titanium Screw Set
84179 TRF417 Center One-Way Set
84180 TRF417 Front One-Way Set


Translated Tamiya Japan product description

TRF417 Giyadefuyunitto

IFMAR ISTC 2010 SPEC-R。 Two consecutive IFMAR ISTC World Championship 2010 World Championship was actually used in the memorial project as a total of four wins in a SPEC-R released in Tamiyasupesharupakkeji Giyadefu manufactured. SPEC-R has different Giyadefu made by Ball and a regular setting, it is possible to adjust the count by a fine setting of silicone oil. The case itself, less pain, so a closed Def longer maintenance cycle than Ball.

(ITEM 42185)
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TRF416, 416WE, 416X, 417 Chassis