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ISTC Worlds Warmup & Testing

Interviews and pictures from the Worlds Warmup and testing at Heemstede in preparation for the 2012 IFMAR ISTC Worlds.

Below a few pictures of the cars seen. On the TRF you can see new lower and upper decks + maybe more? 🙂

The two Yokoms in the pictures have quite a few differences between them and in Ronald’s car the new LRP speedo.


TRF417X Second Asphalt National

Just two weeks after the first national – the second national! This at the small asphalt track in Laukaa, middle of Finland, and reasonably close to home meaning an early start on raceday morning as there is no idea to go earlier. This will also be the last national I run this year with only one remaining in July, this to be run at a very sub-standard track so I will be happy to miss it.

The race in Laukaa last year was really tricky as the track was full of pollen and with that having been a problem this year at the first round already I was expecting the worst. It turned out alright though with reasonbable conditions, only some afternoon light rain made it a bit tricky.

The car started out already very good straight from the last race (no chance to test) so really I only tried to experiment a bit. Nothing much to report back on as I want to do more back-to-back tests with the things I changed and the light rain during finals, although it did not make for wet conditions, made it impossible to continue the testing.

Setup below. Next up I need to do a proper test.

New TRF417X Lower & Upper Deck Update

Small update on the new lower and upper decks released later this summer for the TRF417X.

The info I posted earlier was slightly wrong. Here’s the correct info:

42232 TRF417X Lower Deck (2.5mm)
42233 TRF417X Upper Deck (2.25mm)

Both are exactly the same shape as the original 417X parts but made of 0.25mm thicker material, so the lower deck is 2.5mm and the upper deck 2.25mm. Made for high grip conditions.

TRF417X ETS & Reedy Race Winning Car

As the IFMAR ISTC Worlds gets closer Tamiya and the TRF team gets up to speed, just like we have seen so many times before.

Having now won the Reedy Race and finished 1-2-3 at the ETS race in Apeldoorn, here’s a closer look at the slightly modified car used.

Things worth noting of what can be seen:

– new lower deck without cutouts, still 2.25mm according to info
– double joint driveshafts front & rear
– new TRF damper ball nuts
– rear roll-bar mounted further in on arm

Marc’s ETS setup:

Marc’s Reedy Race setup:

More pictures:

92243 TA06 PRO Upgrade Chassis Kit

To be released in July, a special upgrade version of the Tamiya TA06 PRO.

92243 TA06 PRO Upgrade Chassis Kit

Here is the TA06 PRO version of the upgrade to the original specification model Tokai flagship machine “TA06 PRO” of Tamiya has become a kit for bargain very was a set of optional parts below further TA06 PRO normal You.
Full specification of optional parts is arriving much than is recommended to purchase separate kit and parts.

Tokai Limited Edition model
■ OP1315 heat sink motor plate
■ OP1304 TA06 39T front coupling
■ OP1309 Stabilizer Set (F / R)
■ W cardan drive shaft (44 size book 2)
■ OP1310 TA06 aluminum steering set Rungu
■ OP1308 TA06 Aluminum Steering Bridge
■ OP1306 TA06 Riyaborudefu (52T)
■ TRF sticker set (Mirror)