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TRF417X @ ISTC Worlds

First picture of the TRF417 for the TRF team at the IFMAR ISTC Worlds in Heemstede the coming week. The car pictured is Elliot Harper’s chassis.

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More ISTC Worlds Prep

ISTC Worlds Prep

42235 TRF417X (Reedy Race Champion)

To celebrate Viktor’s great win at the Reedy Race this year Tamiya are releasing this special edition of the TRF417X. The Reedy Race Champion TRF417X kit will be released this month but will only be available in very limited numbers with 200 of these kits packaged.

The car is basically a standard TRF417X kit with a second gear diff included for the front and the special blue/chrome TRF sticker sheet as well as Viktors Reedy Race winning setup sheet. All other parts (i.e. the basic kit) is exactly the same as the normal TRF417X.


A chrome sticker sheet will also be released separately:

42234 TRF Sticker C (Mirror)

Kuusankoski Test Session

WIth no track locally where you can run a modified TC anymore, testing with the 417X has been impossible so far this year. I find this very sad as I always truly enjoy running TC outdoors on a decent track.

With many things on the list to test I had always planned a test session as soon as I had time. With last Friday being first day of my holiday and the weather good all the stars lined up and away I went early Friday morning.

Now, the situation with TC tracks in Finland is really crap. Considering we have a had a few European champions, official national TC racing since 97-98 and quite a few drivers through the years it’s really shameful that there really is only 1 up-to-date, well-taken-care-of track suitable for TC racing. This is the track in Kuusankoski which was renewed some years and that’s where I decided to go for this test session. Sure, there are others where you can race and it’s ok, but when you have to travel 3-5 hours anyway it makes sense to go to the one best suited for testing and where you can be sure of decent testing conditions.

Since I’m going to the Worlds in Holland later this month the testing would in part be towards that race. The weeekend past was the warmest this summer in Finland with 24-25 degrees air temperature and a track temperature of 30-40 degrees which will hopefully be similar to the weather meeting us at the ISTC Worlds.

I started off by running the control tyres we use in Finland which are Sorex 32’s on Schumacher wheels and inserts, this to get some comparable data to what I have run so far at the 2 races this summer. During the test I tested many ideas, some new components and general setup work. During day 2 I run the Sorex 36 Worlds tyres which was and interesting experience. I must say I really liked the car on those tyres in those temperatures so I hope they work as well at the Worlds! What became very obvious though and is in line with reports from the factory drivers who have been testing considerably ahead of the Worlds is that you really need a different stup for new tyres vs. old. The car is quick yes on new tyres, but very understeery, so to get the most of them you need a setup with a lot of steering. Then, on the second run and afterwards you need a more normal setup. I would say I was very happy with the car generally during this 2-day test and improved my personal record at the track many times, but what I need to think about still is a setup for the first run on new tyres.

Now though, I will completely rebuild my TRF417X ahead of the Worlds as it’s starting to look a bit used.

ISTC Worlds Tyre Rule Update

5.4.4. The use of wheels & tires during the event is restricted as follows:

· Wheels & Tires:
Only the official controlled wheels/tires obtained at the event are allowed to be
used at any time during the event.

· Marking: Each set will be marked for either: Practice, Qualifying or Finals, by
way of colour coded stickers and will also be marked with each driver’s
personal ID. Drivers may only use their own personally marked tires.

· Additives: The use of tire additives or treatment is NOT allowed at any time
during the event. Tires suspected of being treated will be confiscated and if
tested positive the driver may incur further disciplinary action.

· Wheels/ tires may not leave the tire impound area during the event except
when affixed to the car and released for racing and must be returned to the
impound immediately after each race.

· Practice: “All Practice, Open & Controlled”
Only Wheels/tires marked “PRACTICE” may be used.
The quantity purchased for practice is up to the discretion of the driver. A
maximum number per driver may be limited only if deemed necessary by the
organizers. Wheels / Tires marked “Practice” may NOT be used during
qualifications heats or finals.

· Qualifications Heats: Only two (2) sets of the official Qualification control
wheel/ tires can be used during qualification rounds. Only Wheels/tires
marked “Qualification” may be used during qualifying rounds.

· Finals: One (1) new set of the official Finals wheels/tires will be released to
each competitor for the finals. Only Wheels/tires marked “Finals” may be used
for finals. Please also see *NOTE

*NOTE Replacement Exception:

Finals Only: If wheels/tires are damaged due to an incident / crash, a driver
may request a replacement.

Only a previously used qualifying wheel / tire in a similar condition bearing the
drivers own ID may be used.

A replacement for damaged wheels/tires “IS” allowed if a car suffers damage
in an incident not of their own causing.

A replacement is “NOT” allowed if a driver is deemed to be aggressive or
driving in a un-sportsman like manor causing damage to their own car.

The decision to allow replacements is up to the race Director or Jury if the
Race Director decides there is a case to answer in the event of an incident.