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Scirocco TCR FF Body

Decided to make a TCR (or WTCC) version of the Tamiya Scirocco body. With the 3Racing Civic WTCC body working well, I wanted to try to make the Scirocco as good by using the Civic WTCC spec rear wing, while leaving the large splitter on the Scirocco body (which I would usually cut away – that’s how I have been running for years).

Those who know me know I have a special relation to the Scirocco MK3, so that explains why I want to try to make this work instead of running the Civic!

Will report on my findings when tested.



Another TRF419X Test

So last week I finally did another 419X test, on the same track I did a race one month ago. This could turn out to be the last outdoor test for 2016 with the TRF419X, but we’ll have to see what the weather decides.

I spent the day testing stuff I had not tested before on the 419X, but basically ended the day with the same setup as I used at the race, so it turns out that was hard to improve on. I went down to 5000 diff oil though as it was quite a bit colder now comapred to July.

I also run quite a bit with the Samix Floating Steering, which felt like it gave me a bit more steering…almost too much actually.

Î also tested the Protoform LTC-R 2.0 for the first time, and actually did the best 5 min run with it, so turns out it worked very well at that track in those conditions.

To wrap it up it was again super enjoyable to run the 419X. Have to say I have not enjoyed TC running as much for many years, which must be a good sign!


TRF FF2017 Project Detailed

Following on from my previous post ( TRF FF2017 Project (FF-04 G4 Development) ), here’s a closer look at the TRF FF2017 project.

For many years now my biggest interest in RC has been the FF FWD cars. I just wish more people would actually see these on track and have a chance to try the FWD cars themselves – because it is a fact that almost everyone who gets to experience these quickly falls in love.

Our FF development really started with the TRF417FF project, and has continued since that awesome car. Late last year we tested the FF-04 EVO fitted with a TRF201XMW gearbox, which turned out to work very well for a provisional test car like it was. You can read all about these projects if you go back and read posts here on my blog from previous years.

So for this years development, our focus was on really making the 4 gear car as good as possible with as few compromises as possible.

New for the FF2017:

– New lower deck, repositioning electronics, adding a TRF419 type steering and adding more flex towards the rear, as well as incorporating the TRF419 rigid type separate suspension mounts.

– New upper deck, again adding rear flex, and mounting points for new roll bar system.

– A new bumper, consisting of an aluminium mounting plate as a carbon fibre bumper, allowing us to lower the motor and complete gearbox by 1.7mm, as well as shortening the overhang at the front to a minimum.

– New front damper tower taking into account the lowered gearbox (to which it is attached).

– New bearing supported roll bar setup.

Those were the main points for this years FF chassis, while there are still further optional parts made and ready to be tested.

At the end I must say this might be my favourite RC car ever so far. I really like the direct mount servo / steering / ESC / battery setup and how it all looks now that the chassis is completed. Of course, if it just looked good but did not work, it would be no fun. But the result is and easier to drive car which is super consistent and super precise, so I’m very happy! Can’t wait to run more, and will keep updating.

Here are a couple of pictures with the updated upper deck / front roll bar setup. You will find lots of more pictures of the car before this update in the aforementioned TRF FF2017 Project (FF-04 G4 Development) post, which you find right below this post so scroll down.


TRF FF2017 Project (FF-04 G4 Development)

Below, lots of pictures of the FF2017 development I have been testing lately.

For this years development we focused on optimising the FF-04 G4 test car from last year. That was based on the FF-04 EVO, but adapted to fit a TRF201XMW 4 gear gearbox.

With a new chassis we  repositioned the electronics, used a TRF419 steering and improved the flex. A new bumper system allowed lowering the motor as much as possible, while the new upper deck also changed the flex and has mounting points for an improved roll-bar system, still to be added.

There are also other updates still to be added to the car, but I wanted to post the pictures now. I will either update this post with more information about the project, or make a new post later.

For now, here are the pictures.


More FF Testing

Have continued testing FF cars and new stuff recently.

In the next post (soon),  I will detail the latest FF developments.

For now though, a picture of the body I’m currently running – the 3Racing Honda Civic WTCC. Not much faster than the Tamiya Scirocco I have run for years, but a bit more easy to drive and consistent making it faster on a 5 min run.

Just wish Tamiya would get their act together and produce som new FWD bodies!


TRF Super Short Damper Set

Tamiya will soon release the Super Short Big Bore Dampers (from the TRF419X) as a set available separately. Also to be released at the same time is a TRF Short Spring Set to fit these dampers.

42305 TRF SSBB Damper Set (4 pcs.)
42306 TRF Touring Car Large Diameter Short Spring Set

Expect these to be displayed at the Tokyo Hobby Show in September and released later this autumn.


FF2016 – 1

Back enjoying the FF cars again, running both the 417FF and the FF-04G4 to start with.

Looking forward to testing some new development parts soon. Will report more then.


More Upcoming Tamiya RC Releases

Some more upcoming RC releases from Tamiya, including some spare parts for the super short TRF dampers included with the TRF419X.

47326 TT-02R Chassis Kit
58638 Mercedes-Benz 190E Zakspeed (TT-01E)
58639 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 (TT-02)

47322 Ferrari 458 Challenge Lightweight Body Parts Set
47325 Aluminum Adjustable Wing Stay
47327 TB-04 TRF SSBB Carbon Damper Stay
54724 TA07 Aluminum Servo Mount
54725 TA07 Aluminum Motor Mount Posts
54726 TA07 Front One-Way Set (37T)
54727 TRF SSBB Damper Seal (4 pcs.)
54728 TRF SSBB Damper Piston (4 pcs.)

RC-Mission TRF419X Progressive Damper

RC-Mission (by Toshihiko Hara – former TRF, HB etc. designer) will soon release Progressive damper inserts and pistons specifically for the TRF419X dampers.

Check out RC-Mission on Facebook.


Tamiya September 2016 RC Releases

Again nothing special to report on.

56039  1/16 R/C German Tank Destroyer Jagdpanzer IV /70(V) Lang Full-Option Kit
58633  1/10 R/C Blackfoot (2016)
54719  MF-01X Motor Mount Cap Screw Set
54720  TA07 Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
54721  TA07 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
54722  TA07 Aluminum Center Pulley (18T)
47319  1/10 Scale R/C Motul Autech GT-R Lightweight Body Parts Set