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Happy New Year ;)


Soundtrack of ’09

Muchmore L.E.D Light Stand

Muchmore Cell Master Legend

Muchmore Hybrid Charger

A box with some new Muchmore stuff arrived today.

Still not officially released but here’s a quick look at the new Muchmore Hybrid charger.

I really like the design of this one. The charger is an AC/DC 5A lipo balance charger. Comes with various charger leads and is totally silent.

Speed Passion Stock Software

As mentioned in my previous post I also finally got to test the latest Speed Passion Stock Software for the GT2.0.

As background info I got the first version in the beginning of August just in time for the last national of ’09. This version was AFAIK never publically available but it was the first proper stock software from SP. With this the GT was competitive in that race which I won.

So for the start of last weekend’s test I still had this software as I wanted to compare.

Having tested the “091107Stock” and “091110Stock” software I personally found the “091107Stock” to be the best with the Competition 3.0 13.5R ETS motor. This together with a gearing og 6.15 on the test track.

This was a huge improvement to the one I started the test with and it’s really impressive how fast a 13.5 motor can be 🙂 Gotta say something about the Competition 3.0 motors also – as I really really like this motor!

In addition I think 13.5 is just right for a Pro Stock class with lipo. This needs to be changed in Finland – 10.5 is too fast.

First 416X Test

With the testing ban over 🙄 I finally run the X for 2 days last weekend.

As most people should know, a new car is always a new car… But the 416X was not just that, it was amazing. Never have I had such confindence in a car on a carpet track.

What really stands out with the X is how easy it is to drive – while still being quick. The front end is so precise – you can position it exactly where you want it. The other notable thing is how planted the rear end is. Together these things make the car aggressive, yet super easy to drive…and it can’t get much better than that!

I run on a low grip carpet track 25x14m with GM pre-glued Sorex.

I tried some different setup options but went back to how I built the car. This was according to the manual with the following changes:

– Muchmore 550 oil F & R
– Tamiya white front, blue rear spring (#53440)
– 5mm under the front link, 4mm under the rear
– rear dampers one hole more upright
– body PF Mazdaspeed 6

2.5 deg rear toe in worked pretty well when the grip was really low but as the grip came up 3 deg was much better. I also tried different combinations with the steering center mount back and forth. I tried it standard, with the screw removed and with the screw and mount removed (just screws in steering posts with countersunk washers). Personally I liked it best standard with the mount and screw in place – gave the most consistent results for me.

I also tested the latest Speed Passion stock software on the GT2.0 together with the ETS Pro Stock 13.5R motor but I will write separately about those.

Here’s a photo of the steering with just the screws and washers but as I said I liked the original configuration better.

Cyclone update…not

Forget it…I must be getting old! :zz:

Hara Cyclone and Jilles TRF416X from Futaba cup race in Thailand.

original pic from:

k’s always been a fan of takashima design

copycat 😉

Fully Fluorined

Received some new Tamiya bits today that I’ve been waiting for to be released.

My 416X is now fully fluorined! Maximum smooth B)