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TRF417X @ First National

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More Huge FF-11 Pictures

As promised a few more pictures of the Huge FF-11 in its current state.

TRF417X Manual and Setup Sheet

The TRF417X Manual and Setup Sheet is finally published as PDF’s by Tamiya Japan.

More Tamiya DB02 LEONIS Pictures

With the release of the DB02 LEONIS now very close Tamiya have published more pictures of the production chassis of this middle-class 4WD buggy.

Translated Tamiya Japan product info:

Efficient shaft drive uses a drive mechanism and vehicle aerodynamics – a fusion of creative trends – the layout of the original motor and handling characteristics without having a horizontal habit, RC 4WD electric buggy middle class adopted the DB02 chassis , Reonisu assembly kit.

Chassis body with attention.
Aerodynamic body design that emphasizes the flow of air feel the racing team as Japan’s representative, by TMS Toyota Corporation also known as the tuner. Air flowing along a gentle slope from the forward cabin roof, rear wing leads to a smoother air flow with no turbulence. Meanwhile, the rear side of the body aimed to reduce air resistance to narrow down the air to flow inside rear tire is finished racing car incorporating the trend of vehicle aerodynamics.

DB02 – DB02 chassis Mota_Shafutodoraibu 4WD chassis employs a horizontal, wherein the horizontally mounted on the motor to the front bromide, attention drivetrain transmitting power to the propeller shaft of a two-piece back and forth. Direction of rotation of the motor has been turned through 90 degrees bevel metal around the propeller shaft is transmitted. The motor and spur gear, bevel gear are points that are held in high precision aluminum die-cast one-piece mount. Differential unit built into the front and rear sealed gear case, adopted the same type TRF502X with 12-inch size balls. DB01 suspension inherited reliable, long-span four-wheel double wishbone arm. Options are available for extensive parts DB01, various settings are possible.

DB01 suspension will take over the system reliable, equipped CVA oil dampers.

Transfer power to the propeller shaft by a bevel around the four metal. Also employs an integrated motor mount precision die-cast aluminum.

Provides excellent weight balance and put the battery next to the rear. Straight, of course, also supports separate type.

● Length: 410mm
● Weight 1165g
● Height: 139mm
● Body width: 248mm
● Wheelbase = 280mm
● Tread = Front 214mm Rear 210mm
● CVA oil dampers
● Gear Ratio = 8.16:1 = (optional 23T pinion gear)
● Damper both front and rear ball diff = F / R system = shaft drive 4WD
● Diff lower deck + upper deck drive system
● reinforced nylon fiberglass frame
● Specifications Speed ​​controller = ESC (not included)
● 540 Type Motor (sold separately)

Huge FF-11 Update

Been preparing my Huge FF-11 chassis a bit at a time the last week getting ready for some indoor running.

Installed the new roll bar holders front and rear as well as a TA06 gear diff + some other small bits as well as giving it a bit of a rebuild.

If you happen to see some prototype stuff….keep quiet shhh 🙂
Will post some more pictures later.

More on DB02 Leonis

As the release of the Tamiya DB02 Leonis buggy gets closer (Feb 18th Japanese release) here’s an official product photo and some info from Tamiya.

Translated from Tamiya Japan:

58507 DB02 LEONIS
18 February 2012 (Sat)
33,390 yen (31,800 yen tax)

★ We drive efficiency and unique shaft drive, 4WD buggy Announcing a new middle class handling characteristics combined with non-horizontal motor habit.
★ Motor power is distributed around the propeller shaft with metal gears.
★ 4-wheel double wishbone suspension TRF502X.
★ The body also worked a charm TOM Racing Team.

84259 DB02 Titanium Screw Set
51492 DB02 B Parts (bumper)
51493 DB02 M Parts (Damper Stay)
54336 DB02 Slipper Clutch Set

Tamiya USA info:

The Tamiya DB-02 is an all new tub-chassis platform 4WD buggy racing chassis. It was developed with knowledge and input gathered from the Tamiya TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) team. The chassis features a shaft drive system with 4-wheel double wishbone suspension. The new featured body on the new DB-02 chassis is named LEONIS and it was designed by the famous Toyota racing team and tuner TOMS’s.

Specs and Features:
– 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.
– Polycarbonate body designed by Toyota Tuner TOM’S.
– Polycarbonate rear wing included.
– Shaft-driven 4WD layout
– Motor is positioned horizontally at the center of the chassis to provide optimum power transmission as well as stability and balance.
– Durable Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic bathtub chassis is mated with front & rear upper braces to provide extra chassis rigidity.
– Front & rear compact gearboxes are equipped with ball differentials.
– The proven 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is from the DB01 chassis (suspension arms and axles are from the DB-01 chassis)
– Plastic body CVA shock units are included
– 3-piece steering linkage
– Front & rear Dual Block Tires and dish wheels included.
– Battery pack is positioned toward the rear for better stability while jumping.
– Compatible with 7.2 volt stick-type battery packs