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2010 x 30

Happy New Year y’all


TRF502X Maezumi Style Setup


TRF417 Maezumi Style Setup

First TRF417 setup posted.


TRF417 Rear Uprights

Regarding to E Parts (Rear Upright)

Wheel axle included in the TRF417 kit has an Axle Ring and therefore the shape of the rear upright has been modified. When using 51333 TRF416 E Parts (Rear Upright), there may be cases in which the Axle Ring may come into contact with Rear Upright. If so, remove material for clearance.

The Collection

FF-03 Final 2010 Update

The last released FF-03 carbon fibre parts arrived!
Starting to look quite good now 🙂

TRF417 Electronics Install – v1-2

TRF417 Electronics Install – v1

Spent the night installing current electronics in the 417.

TRF417 Manual

The TRF417 manual is now online:

FF-03 Pro Updated

Finally after building the TRF417 and TRF502X I took time to install the latest updates on my FF-03 Pro chassis.

Having continously added small bits once they’ve become available the car starts to have everything it needs now.

Now I added the carbon fibre rear damper stay, the left carbon motor stay as well as the carbon steering link. This after previously adding the aluminium steering, alu screws and alu suspension mounts.

Finally I also got round to building the aluminium diff I have had the parts for for a long time already. At the same time as adding the alu outdrives I updated its other parts as well; reinforced diff and idler gear, tungsten balls, ceramic thrust bearing and TRF416 diff screw.