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I knew this was the day when I posted the “Alonso – Singapore – MEGA” post this morning 😉

Fernando was truly MEGA all weekend in Singapore…no doubt about it!

That’s what happens when you throw a bit of an unknown and a surprise to everyone and all those simulations fly out the door. When the drivers and teams have to react to something new and not predicted, and use their head to come up with setups and driving..

Just perfect that Fernando and Renault got the reward after the way they overperformed all weekend…this one will be remembered!
HA HA HA doubters 😀 😀




HB Cyclone of Atsushi Hara at the JMRCA championships.

Note special 5 cell chassis and “prototype” TRF suspension blocks. 🙂

click on this for full size

Andy Moore’s Cyclone.

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Hot Bodies Impreza

A couple of good pics of the new HB Subaru Impreza body and the quality paintjob by Brain Speed Graphix for Atsushi.

Master Masami

Another JMRCA TC Championship win for Masami then after a small break.

Looks like Masami pretty much dominated qualifying and the two first finals with the “work in progress” Yokomo chassis, although the margins between the top drivers were quite narrow as usual now.

1. Masami Hirosaka – Yokomo
2. Hayato Matsuzaki – Hot Bodies
3. Atsushi Hara – Hot Bodies
4. Hiroshi Takeshi Yamauchi – Yokomo
5. Andy Moore – Hot Bodies
6. Marc Rheinard – Tamiya
7. Naoto Matsukura – Yokomo
8. Victor Wilck – Tamiya
9. Daisuke Yoshioka – Hot Bodies
10. Shinnosuke Adachi – Kyosho

Just hope Masami will be on it and have a great car in Thailand as well so he can finally get that TC WC win! To me it looks like it will be between Masami, Atsushi and Marc now, with people like Viktor, Teemu and Hayato with an outside chance. We’ll have to see…wish I could’ve seen it at RCS myself.

If I had to bet though I still stand by what I said on Friday at the ETS final in June, after watching Atsushi on track; “Hara will win the Worlds this year”.

Alonso – Singapore – MEGA!



Here’s a good picture of the HB Subaru body that’s used by the HB team and some others at the JMRCA race.

42138 – TRF416 World Edition

Found out the part number for the TRF416 World Edition tonight.

42138 – TRF416 World Edition

Guess it should be ok to publish some details on the car now as well since I just noticed it’s already on the web if you know where to look 😉 But I’ll keep quiet for now not to step on any toes…

I would think the TRF team might run the World Edition spec cars at the JMRCA race this weekend anyway so then it will be available for everyone to see anyway.

JMRCA warmup

Tamiya/TRF, HPI/HB and Yokomo live coverage here.


5 years late I know but I still got my Evo 3 after all…delivery just took some time! 🙄 :p